Dunes Village Resort
5300 N Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-2537

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We stayed at the dunes village on July 3rd -8th in the palms tower room 1151 and wake up with bedbug bites they came in and checked the bed and it was bedbugs they treated our stuff and the room and I told them I wanted a full refund and I got it will never stay there again plus we had to wash and dry all our clothes

We stayed here from 6/20 - 6/25 and there were no bed bugs.

Could you provide details as to which tower "Ed" was staying in when he had his bed bug encounter in May of 2015? Was he staying in the "Palms" tower or the "Palmetto" tower?

We recently returned from a trip to this resort. We stayed in the "Palms" tower. The room we stayed in seemed clean and bed bug free. The staff was very courteous and helpful. We had a great time.

One night, I did feel a stinging sensation on my leg while I was in bed. I thought I was itchy due to my sunburn. N

ow, I am not sure what to make of this.

I am praying we did not bring any "hitchhikers" home with us. Just because we did not see a problem doesn't mean one was not there. The "nymphs" are very hard to see. They are translucent in color until exposed to a blood meal.

So, we could have been exposed to these critters. Any more information you could provide about "Ed's" encounter would be helpful to us.


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We stayed in Dunes multiple times and never seen a bedbug. It's close to the ocean, so there might be other bugs around

date of occurrence 5-17-2015
My wife was exposed to and bitten by a bed bug at the dunes village resort. My wife was awakened by a bedbug bite we immediately killed the bug took pictures and google searched to identify it. Once we confirmed it was a bed bug we notified the night clerk. He informed us he was at capacity and did not have another room to relocate us to. We informed him that we would be leaving at 1am that morning and took preventative measures of drying all of our belongings to av

oid bringing the bug back to our home. The clerk (Wayne) insured us that he had contacted upper management and that a refund would be processed immediately and expressed what appeared to be sincere apologies for the inconvenience. We initially had correspondence with Holly Jeffreys were she informed us they had dispatched a pest company and the unit did not have bed bugs. I sent her pictures that I had taken of the bedbug(which have since been verified by sage pest that the images is indeed a bedbug) and advised her to get a second opinion for the safety of there hotel and future problems. She communicated that she would follow up with me after receiving the images but has not. I also have not received any refund or reimbursement of any sort that was assured to me prior to my departure.

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All lies!!! They do not have bed bugs. Bed bugs are carried from homes outside of an resort duh

We have stayed at the Dunes Village Resort 5 Christmas' in a row and have NEVER had any problems with bugs.

We stayed October 2013 and didn't have any problems that we knew of. Well about two weeks later I am all bit up all over my arms and not a clue what it was. Come to find out it is bedbugs. We have and still are battling with them 2 different exterminators and still have the darned things. We have spent around $4000 dealing with these things. I will never stay in another hotel.

This happened June 23-27. My cousin and I were up late at night and we both were hungry and so we turned the light on only to find that the sheets were completely covered in blood. Not only this but after that we noticed several red tiny bugs crawling around the bed. We had to get all of our stuff steamed and then they told us it's best to dump it away, so we did that and then they told us that we would get no compensation for it. We lost $500 worth of clothes and luggage and we recieved crappy

service and no compensation.

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We stayed in the Palmetto Building from 9/21/13 through 9/23/2013. On 9/22/13 we found a red bug on our bed. It appeared to be dead. Right after we found this we found other bugs crawling across both of the queen size beds. We put them in a ziplock bag and called the front desk. They sent up a maintenance man who said he didn't know what bedbugs looked like, but he believed us when we said they were bedbugs. The management had us move rooms at 12 am that morning and we had to leave most of

our belongings in the old room so they could heat treat them the next morning. We checked the new room they moved us to and did not see any bedbugs in the new room. We ended up leaving a day early so we could go home and wash and dry all our clothes on the hottest setting. We just bought buggy beds kits for all our beds at home to make sure we didn't bring any bedbugs home. This was a horrible experience. We did look up pictures of bedbugs on the internet and the bugs we found were bedbugs. In fact the management told us they had purchased their own heat tent equipment to treat bedbugs at their hotel since it was cheaper to do this than pay for an exterminator.

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Stayed here from 9/22/2013 to 9/26/2013 in Palmetto building. Noticed small red marks on skin. Cannot confirm, but I googled the images and they appear to be bed beg bites. Will report to hotel management.

Stayed in August 2013, checked beds and outside of box spring in several locations, no bed bugs. Didn't check couch or murphy bed(has pullout bed) because I didn't think of it. So far so good. Thank You for this site.

We checked into the Dunes Village Resort 3/29/13. We felt uneasy about the quality and somewhat "older" appearance of the furniture and felt it necessary to check for bedbugs and other possible signs such as droppings, dead bugs or actual bugs. We used a flashlight in all hidden places, along side beds and behind headboard, couch, etc. We found nothing. However, in the morning while deflating an air mattress on the floor that we had brought to allow the kids to spread out, we discovered a bedbug

on the bottom of the mattress. We tried to get a picture of it and it scurried off before we could. We want to show the hotel staff. After finding images without question it was a bedbug. Thus far we haven't noticed any bites. We bought large plastic black bags at a local store to put all our belongs just incase one is in our luggage or bags. We are hoping to avoid any infestations by keeping all belongs outside out home and washing all clothes and items
in hot water and drying them at the highest setting. I hope this post will prevent anyone else having to deal with this. And obviously we will always check this website before staying at any hotel in the future. Oddly, enough this was a birthday celebration and we did not check this registry as we usually do. Lesson learned.
feeling buggy from NC

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We were at the Dunes Village Resort for three nights in May 2012. Then in June we had a bed bug problem in our son's bedroom. The Dunes Village Resort is the only place we had been. This was probly our 7th stay at the Dunes with no prior problems, but we have learned you only have to bring one bed bug back. We have also learned that when you come back from any hotel you should throw all clothes in the dryer on high heat asap to kill any possible bed bugs and store all lugage in garbage bags.

I was thinking about staying at this hotel
I would like to know if there are any additional
complaints about bed bugs from June 2012
thru February 2013 - this will help me to
make my decision - thank you

We stayed for 4 days in May 2012. We have not been anywhere since and now have a bedbug infestation in our house. I can't prove that the infestation came from Dunes Village but I believe especially reading other reports of bed bugs from the same time period that we were there that Dunes Village is where the bed bugs came from.

My family and I stayed at this resort in October of 2009. We stayed only 3 nights. I was wondering why I had bite marks all over me on the 2nd night. I thought they were mosquito bites but when I got home, there were a few bed bugs in my suitcase.

Stayed this month- May of 2012. We have stayed there 2 other years as well. This time we had the room checked the first night after seeing a bug but they said no, it was a Stink bug so, OK. On the eighth night got up to find I was covered in bites.Called management and they checked and said yes we had them. They claimed we were their first confirmed case. That was likely because my husband caught one and presented it to them before they checked the room this time.
They immediately relocated us

to another room asking us to leave everything behind so it could be heat treated to kill any bugs in our luggage etc. They apparently put everything in a tent and raised the temperature to over 120F for 20+ minutes. We took what we felt couldn't be treated with us and later the rest was delivered to our new room. They gave us a $100 credit and told us we would be upgraded to a better suite the next time we came. Nice offer but really???
They did try to make up for this mess but I had a serious allergic reaction to the bites and am now on antibiodics as well as having to apply antiseptic cream to the bites. My husband who appeared to have no bites was slowly covered with them as days went by (apparently they can show up for up to 9 days after you've been bitten). He has been fortunate in that they don't appear to bother him like they did me.
I am terrified that we may have brought some home and I am constantly looking for them and thinking what we would do if we had. I have washed all our clothes twice and before bringing anything in the house put it all in large plastic bags. I only open the bags outside to take things out as I wash them or wipe them down with Clorox wipes. I have also put our luggage (and anything else I can't wash) in their plastic bag in my car where I have a thermometer that tells me when the car's interior exceeds 120F. I leave these items for at several hours in those temperatures to ensure everything has been treated. My husband has had his car cleaned inside thoroughly twice. Now all we can do is wait and see if anything turns up.

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Stayed here January 2012 for 4 days. Unfortunately did not realize the bites were from bed bugs at that time. After being home a week and figured it out, I called them to let them know and management blew me off. They assured me that I wouldn't have been able to sleep that many nights if it was bed bugs. This "expert" , that's what he said he was, compared bed bug bites to mosquito bites. I could tell that I was not getting through to this guy so I called the room that I stayed in1004 and left a

message for the next family to warn them. Two weeks later a nice family from NC called to confirm bed bugs were still in the room. Obviously management does not care. We will not be staying again.

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Just stayed there and have been there over past couple years!! Had bed bugs in the room and haven't been able to sleep ever since! It makes me feel disgusting but know that bed bugs are getting bad everywhere in then USA !!

I checked in for a family vacation on Dec 26, 2010. I stayed at the hotel for about 4 days. My suitcase was on the floor the entire time. When I got home and opened up my bag I found 4 bed bugs in the bag. I now have to call an exterminator to my house just in case. I feel like the hotel should take this problem more seriously. One of the managers tried to claim it was sand ticks. I looked up the bug on google, and it was clearly a bed bug.

Checked into the Dunes Village Resort on July 4, 2009. Rented a two bedroom unit (922) and a three bedroom unit (921) with members of my extended family for a week vacation. My husband, two children and I were sharing a bedroom with two queen beds. I was bitten extensively on the third night. Building Management was inept in dealing with the situation, although did contact an exterminator. Upon examination of the mattresses in our room with the exterminator, bed bugs were found along with n

umerous fecal deposits on both mattresses. Management moved us to another room, but seemed ill-equiped to deal with the situation and did not take it seriously. On advice of the exterminator, we took our belongings to a laundomat, and insisted that management have our luggage steam cleaned. With new bites occurring on the fifth night, again contacted management, who "examined" the new room but refused to believe the bed bugs could have traveled or be in the new room. Ended up at the doctor due to the 30+ bites. Bagged all clothing and personal items for return home. Have returned home, discarded luggage and laundered all clothing, etc. Again, hotel management was ill-equiped to handle the situation and did not take the infestation seriously.

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