Dayton House Resort
2400 N Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-3243

Found 3 reports:

I think, but hard to confirm, my daughters got lice from staying at the Dayton.

We saw an adult bedbug crawling on top of the sheet, pulled back the sheet to find several bugs.. were on the other bed in the room as well. Went and told the worker at the office, still said I would be charged for the room. Checked out anyway, the place is disgusting and filthy. We were there 8/2/2012

My husband woke up to find 3 red bites on him, they were itching.. that afternoon I noticed I had a bite on my shoulder, right leg and neck, the same things itchy red marks.. pulled back the cover and found several (5-10) adult bedbugs. Bites were confirmed by our family physician.

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