Crown Reef Resort
2913 S Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-4855

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We have stayed at Crown Reef at least 6 years now (some years, two times). We have never had any signs of bed bugs. While the rooms aren't luxurious, they are clean and adequately furnished. We stay in efficiencies and suites depending on how many family members go. Any problems we have had (those were minimal) were tended to promptly. For the rates they charged,
we were extremely pleased. We plan to go back this September.

we stayed here in Aug of 2014 - the first thing we checked for was bed bugs and had none ... we had a few problems but the staff took very good prompt care in righting the problems (our first problem was that we were put in a room on the 2nd floor and we overlooked the childrens water park) we could see the ocean but only thru the heads of 100 kids - it was also noisy ... it was like sitting inside the kids waterpark) Which, I don't have a problem with kids being noisy at the waterpark - I just

didn't want to hear it 24-7 ...

they moved us the next morning - well I should say they changed our room we had to move everything :( which was a pain in the butt ... literally...

I found the staff to be very helpful...

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Since the spread of bed bugs several years ago, I thoroughly check my room and the bed bug registry before a hotel stay. I flip the mattress and check all the sheets. My room was very clean and showed no signs of bugs. Maybe in 2010 it was a problem but today 1-31-15, it is not a problem.

I don't believe the previous post. I have stayeed at this same hotel for the pass 5 years. We always check our rooms for bedbugs and this hotel has always been clean. Having bedbugs in every room and not taking care of the problem would be ridiculous. This is a nice place to stay and the rooms are clean. They where also in the process of renovating all the room in Sept 2011.

Last Wednesday, October 6, 2010 two different friends checked into the hotel in two different rooms. When they checked the bed there were bed bugs in between the sheets. After complaining they were given two different rooms with the same results. They were told by the front desk that all the hotel have them and it was no problem. They then checked out and stayed at a different hotel on the beach without any problems. I was on my way to stay there when I got a call about this problem and needless

to say I then cancelled my reservations there and stay at a different hotel in Myrtle Beach. If you do stay here make sure you check real good before you even start to unpack.

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