Coral Beach Resort & Suites
1105 S Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-4538

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Me and my family visited this hotel for my son'a birthday on 11/7/13. Despite being moved to another room because of there was no heat, we decided to stay another night. Me and my son woke up with multiple bites on our arms and legs... But I didn't think much about it being that we had been on the beach. Later that night when I went to get in the bed, I noticed 2 bed bugs on one of the beds. I immediately called the manager, & she sent up maintenance. He quickly looked for the bugs, didn't find

any, & brushed us off as if it were a lie. As soon as he left, I saw a bed bug on the other bed. I took pictures for evidence & told the manager. She was very rude, & said she didn't have to refund my money...but she will. I got my refund & drove 3 hours home a day early.

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We have just recently moved into new house, using old blankets and suitcases..for the past several days we have been getting bites on us. My son and I. Burn and itch. Figured its bed bugs, so looked up this hotel because we stayed during 7/4/13-7/7/13..and with the other two confirmed bed bug attacks. I am sure this is where we have got them from.

My family and I stayed at this Hotel for about six days and noticed a few bites on us the last day upon departure. We hoped that it was just a few spider bites but after a ton of bites identical to the ones we had after our stay a doctor confirmed that it was bed bugs.

We were there during the week of July 4th, 2012.... when we came home my husband noticed that he had places come up. We first thought heat rash but had to go to doctor because the places began to whelp up and hurt. Doctor confirmed beg bug bites. They have began to dry up but it is all over his chest and thighs.

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