Comfort Suites Myrtle Beach
710 Frontage Rd E
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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First night on the second floor. Took a shower, got in bed, and started itching after a few minutes. Thought it was dry skin.
Nope. Noticed several clusters of fresh bites, one still bleeding. Pulled back the mattress pad and found two bedbugs. Put them in a cup and called the front desk. Got a new room on a different floor, a substantial discount, some spray to treat my itching, and free food/drink. They assured me that the room is closed down and an exterminator will come in the morning.

March 9, 10 2013

Checked room before entering and found no evidence of bed bus but woke up 2nd night in early morning hours to find them crawling all over both beds. I escaped being bit. Management was not alarmed and I was not happy with their response. I was doubted on saying they were bed bugs. Forced the issue. Was given new room. However did not sleep the rest of my stay. Had to demand the hotel wash some of my belongings. Also had to say that I was not paying for room as that was not of

fered upfront upon incidence. Poor handling of situation.

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