Comfort Inn & Suites Beach Front Central Myrtle Beach
601 S Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29575-3433

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Stayed at this hotel on 71012. Three members of the family woke up with bed bug bites. Found evidence of the bugs on one of the mattresses, after we realized what we were looking for . Took significant precautions to keep from taking the bed bugs into our home.

I stayed at this hotel on 5/14/2012 for business travel. The hotel was outdated and not well maintained. After returning home from my travel, I noticed bites appear on my body. Bites continued to show up so I eventually had my apartment inspected by a canine. It was confirmed I had bed bugs. I contacted the hotel and they said they performed visual inspection and found no signs. I was not surprised as visual inspection is only 30% accurate. The suspicous part of the story is that they went ahead

and had the hotel treated even though no signs of bed bugs were found. The unfortunate part is that because they had the room treated, even if there was in fact an infestation - a canine inspection would not be able to confirm infestation at this point. The hotel is reluctant to offer any assitance for the expensive extermination I had to carry out and has not been very responsive or cooperative with my requests.

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