Casa Del Oro Motel
401 14th Ave S
Myrtle Beach, SC 29575-3107

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I am having to sleep on the couch because of the bedbug infestation. I used a flashlight to look at my mattress and it is highly infested with them. this is an ongoing problem at this establishment. When confronted they say they have documentation stating no one else has had this problem and we all know differently. This matter needs to be investigated thoroughly. No one deserves to have to live with bugs of any kind. Nothing that ever needs to be done is in their budget.

It started Jan 09 and is still ongoing, We moved into one of the rooms and was getting eaten alive. The bed and couch was infested. Another room became available that was a little bigger, so we moved into it. Still getting eaten alive and property managers refuse to have it exterminated professionally, say its not in their budget but they can go to Disney World. The owners of the property have no idea how poorly managed it is. I want DHEC called in because they say its not bed bugs but I have pi

ctures to prove otherwise. this is absolutely ridiculous.

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