Caravelle Resort
6900 N Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29572-3640

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My boyfriend and I went down November 29th and stayed in the tower one night, then moved to a suite the for the next two nights. We had a few problems with our room such as the sink leaked all over the floor, there was food and trash under the bed. But we were fine we just cleaned it up and just let them know about it when we checked out. But now about two weeks later my boyfriend found a couple bites on his wrist. He thought it was just a shirt he was wearing was irritating him. Then a couple d

ays later, I started noticing them on my hands, fingers and arms. I tried cortisone cream thinking I was just breaking out from something. But they started appearing other places like on my neck and back. So today I went to the doctor and she looked at them, asked if we had stayed anywhere and I told her yes we went to the beach about two weeks ago and she said it was bed bugs. The only lotion for is 88$.
So now I'm having to wash all my dogs in medicine, myself, and my boyfriend. Were having to wash just about everything in our house. I will never stay at this place again. Will be contacting management tomorrow morning.

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We stayed from 9/3/2012 through 9/8/2012 I always check the bed for bugs and found NONE! I was born and raised on Long Island N.Y. surrounded by beaches .We always came home with bites from sand fleas,and other assorted insects. Neither of us came home with any bites at all,I suggest you go camping some time and see the bites you get on your own bedding.
Life a beach don"t sweat the small stuff.

Our trip was Sunday August 25th thru Wednesday August 28th. We stayed in the St. Clements Building, rooms 105 and 208. Received bites from both rooms. My husband, myself, and our three year old all received bites. At first bites tolerable but now over a week later our son is miserable. The doctor prescribed steroids and benadryl and said this could go on for a week or more. Not a good time. Staff didn't appear overly concerned but did write down the room numbers we stayed in after I showed

them the bites I had. We have been trying to contact management there and have not heard back yet but hopefully they will address this soon.

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At the hotel for a week at the beginning of November. Came home and went to the doctors for multiple bites all over the body. My doctor confirmed that it was indeed bedbugs. Still playing games back and forth with the hotel. Was told they did find them in my room and to send my medical bills to get paid for. Management does NOT return phone calls and continues to lie about leaving messages. Outraged at the response from the hotel - be warned this is an old hotel and you may have the same problem

s as me. It's disgusting to pay for a place to stay and you end up getting eaten on by bedbugs your whole stay.

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We have stayed at the Caravelle twice this year--most recently in September. We have never seen bed bugs there---or talked to any other guests who have. Myrtle Beach is a resort town with lots of vegetation. I think sometime people get out on the beach---and on golf courses--and do other outdoor activities where they encounter bugs of all kinds. They get bites --and then when they get to the hotel--- it just has to be bedbugs. At least that seems to be what they think. We have been guests at the

Caravelle several times a year for over 18 years. We have never had a bedbug sighting or talked to anyone who has. These people run a friendly, class operation. They are susceptible to insects and such just like any business or home. They do a great job of keeping things in order---and the bugs out. I would highly recommend this resort. They run a top shelf facility. You will find them professional, friendly, and doing everything they can to not only make your stay enjoyable: but to get you back as a repeat guest.

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Where does one look for bed bugs? Under mattresses?? Debating where to stay in MB due to this and other negative posts about resorts :(

We have stayed at the Caravelle for years on vacations and on golf trips. We stayed last in April 2011. I am an exterminator by trade and have been for almost 39 years. We have never encountered bed bugs at the Caravelle. When we stayed there the last time it was in room 1443--the time before 1445. We never saw any signs of bed bugs---and believe me----I looked hard!

My husband and I stayed at this resort in June of 2009. We really liked it (they have kitchens so you can prepare your own food and save money on restaurant bills) and I had always hoped to go back when our children were old enough to enjoy the pool. We did not see any bugs nor have any bites of any kind.

My fiance and I stayed at the Caravelle Resort room 1545 August 20th through 24th. The second night of our stay we both began noticing bites on our backs and arms. At first we assumed it was something from outside biting us. the third day my eyes began swelling and the small bites became huge whelps. Neither of us have ever had bed bug bites before so we had no idea what was causing it. By the fourth night I was covered head to toe with the whelps. My eyes swollen shut, feet swollen and unable t

o use them, my face, arms, back, and legs, completely covered with thirty plus bites on each leg and 100 plus all together. I was an itchy, painful, miserable mess. I endend up missing two days of work after returning home because I could not stand on my feet, see because of the swelling, and I was embarrassed over the way I looked. My fiance and I have contacted the managers at the resort 5 times by phone and twice by email. They refuse to return our calls or apologize. They haven't acknowledged us whatsoever. We will never stay at the Caravelle again or their sister resorts. I reported them to the Public Health Department and I hope something gets done.

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