Captains Quarters Resort
901 S Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-4434

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May 23, 2014
We checked in about 9:30pm. My husband and I got our two children into the room and then he headed to park the car. We had only been in our room about 10 minutes. Upon checking out the room I saw a small bug on the sink. I washed him down the sink and thought nothing of it. I went to the kitchenette area to look around an saw another one of these bugs. I washed it down the sink as well. Then I turns around and saw one on the wall. At this point I thought WTH are these things and I

got a plastic clear cup and caught him. Then it crossed my mind that they may be bed bugs. So when my husband got to the room I told him to take it down to the desk and tell them to move us to another room. They offered to send maintenance up. They told my husband that they didn't have bed bugs. While he was gone I found another, but in the living room area this time. So we got our children and headed down stairs with the two cups containing these bugs. I told them to refund our money, which they did. We have stayed here at least once every year for ten years, but we won't be back.

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March 23,2014
The lighs went out and the bedbugs came out!!

Stayed at the Captain's Quarters from May 31st to June 3rd 2013. Didn't notice anything at the time of our stay but about a week or so ago my girlfriend noticed blood stains on my sheets back home. I didn't figure it to be anything serious and went about my business. A week later she was fixing the sheets and saw bugs and little black spots. We immediately called an exterminator for fear of bed bugs. I realized my suitcase that I took to the hotel had been at the foot of my bed on the floor the

entire time. I removed it and took it outside. He checked my room and sure enough, bed bugs. He asked if we had stayed at any hotels recently and we told him we stayed at Myrtle Beach about a month prior. He asked to look in the suitcase and after removing a layer in the suitcase, there it was a disgusting big bed bug, confirming that we picked them up from the Captain's Quarters. Had to pay about $400 to get my room cleaned and about $150 for new sheets. I tried calling the Captain's Quarters today (July 15th) and after failing to get in touch with a manager multiple times, finally got in touch with him. We told him of our problem with the recent bedbugs and how they were discovered. He acting confused and tried to say we picked them up from somewhere else. I have never in my life seen a bedbug before this. There is no way I got them from anywhere else. This manager didn't even attempt to look into it. He said there haven't been any reports of bedbugs at their hotel and he did nothing about it. We stayed in room 420 so good luck to the next family that gets stuck there because more than likely bugs are still there and no one has done anything about it.

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Our family does not get a chance to travel as much as we would like, but this has really been an eye opening experience for us as well as hard for us. In June 2012 we stayed at Captains Quarters for only 3 nights and 4 days. Our daughter who has reactions to many bug bites was bitten on our trip and we thought it was from being outside with the mosquitos at night or sand gnats. She slept in our room for several nights after our trip so we could try to stop her from scratching. A year later af

ter many doctors visits and medication for severe bug bite reactions we finally realized what had happen, we caught bed bugs at our hotel. Over a thousand dollars later to treat our house and purchase bins for everything we own which we are currently living out of until we can move our children's items and ours back into our rooms has been more costly than any trip we have taken. From now on I will check this registry which was given to us by the team that came in to treat our infestation. Little did we know they were mostly in our room which slowly have traveled down the hall to our children's rooms. This little critter has made me sick these past several weeks and I will never have anyone go or stay in a hotel without checking this registry or their beds. Please understand they are attracted to carbon dioxide and even though some might not have reactions like others might they are hard to find if you do not know they are there. We flip our mattress and change our sheets bi weekly and we really did not notice anything. I now will notice everything and daily I check with a flashlight to see if they are back or I need to treat again. What an expensive critter and man I have not slept well since.

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My family and I had traveled down to Myrtle Beach July 20th 2012. We decided on Captain Quarters as it was voted most kid friendly and such. We get to our room I did a quick sweep of the place, no roaches seen and the mattress looked in good shape. We slept for 2 nights and on the third morning I seen many blood spots on the sheets. I got out of the bed and as I walked away low and behold there was a plump bed bug walking up the pillow no doubt ful of feasting on my blood. I was so upset I start

ed crying, My husband called the front office, and the head of house keeping came up she also looked at the matress and said she saw nothing. it was when we looked at the box spring which was filthy by the way that we seen the fecal matter along the seams of the boxsprings we were moved to a different room and our stay was refunded. The staff took all of our clothes down and washed and dried them and steamed our items that could not be washed. we stayed 6 days in our new room without a sighting of a bed bug both the box spring and the mattress and the couch were free of any bedbug "tracks" fecal matter. I was not able to sleep at night I would watch the beds I didn't see any in our new room nor did ne blood spots emerge. this has cause me so much stress even more so now that i am home. I left my clothes int he trash bags in my yard and i have been bring in 5-10 items at a time and washing them on hot water and high heat, I have been reading everything that I can about these critters. While the staff was friendly and helpful I would much rather-ed paid full price and had a vacation free of bedbugs. before I ever stay another night at a hotel I will check a registry and read every comment posted about them as well as doing a through inspection of my room. Luckily the 1st room we were in didn't seem to have a large infestation like someone else had made the comment about at this rate of washing laundry and drying my clothes for 2 hours I should get all my laundry completed in a few days. What a mess people go on vacation to relax and enjoy them self's only to stress out the whole vacation and stress double time one back at home to make sure to take every precaution to not infect ur house with these blood suckers!

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The worst experience of my life. My first family vacation was ruined by a massive colony of bedbugs that were in every inch of our room. Including the shower. Disgusting!!!!!!! We checked in and our " first room" we were giving was just plain old dirty. Moldy sink and shower. Floors were gross. And everything was rusted and unhealthy for my 2 year old to be around, go moved to a "suite"....only to be interrupted by swarms of bedbugs. Saw one on the shower curtain, went right to the bed and there

were holes the size of quarters in the mattress... Immediately got refunded and checked out. They sent us to the sister hotel Hotel Blue and SAME THING!! Repulsive. Never again!!!!! Myrtle beach should be leveled and burned down. Worst family vacation ever!

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