Boardwalk Surf Rider Resort
2301 N Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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Please think twice before staying at this hotel.

I am so glad I finally found this site. I was looking for a way to let as many people as possible know about one of the worst experiences in my life.

I was a guest at the Boardwalk Beach Resort located at 2301 N. Ovean Blvd. in Myrtle Beach, SC in Oct. of 2007. A friend and I stayed in the south tower, room 485 for 3 nights.
On the last night of our stay, I was awakened at approx. 3:16am beacuse my head was itching really bad. I couldn'

t understand why, I have never experienced such itching before. I couldn't stop itching, and I couldn't go back to sleep so I decided to get up and smoke a cigarette. I turned on the light and looked over at my friend Ron sleeping and then I saw a couple of bugs crawling up over the covers towards the top of his body.
I screamed and told him to wake up, that there were bugs crawling in the bed.
Ron jumped up and as we checked the bed we saw bedbugs.
I looked over at Ron and noticed on his shoulder and going down his arm was almost a perfect line of bumps. He began itching like crazy.
We grabbed our things and left the room. We went to CVS to get some medication for the itching, and then we sat in the car because we were too afraid to go back into the room.
After about 2 hrs. in the car we went back in the room, turned all the lights on and sat in 2 chairs and waited for the office to open.
When the office opened we went to complain....the assoc. behind the desk tried to tell us that we weren't bitten by bed bugs. Her exact words were, "you can't see bed bugs". When she said that Ron and I pulled out our cameras and showed her the pictures we took.
We went back to Ron's house and was later contacted by the hotel stating that they sent a professional crew into the room and found fleas, not bedbugs. I told her she was wrong, fleas jump and these bugs were crawling!!!
While at Ron's we had to wash everything, these bugs and their eggs get all into your belongings. It's horrible.

Bed bug bites have an incubation period of 2-4 days so many wouldn't realize when they were bitten. I had bed bug bites (over 100) all over my body. I went to the ER because the itching was so bad, and painful. None of the doctors would touch me, I was so embarrassed, I felt like some kind of monster.

There are many more details of my story, if I told it all I would be typing for days.

To mak a long story short......

When I got home I had to exterminate( 4 bedroom apt. ) and tear my bed and bedroom apart because I could have brought them home wit me, very easily. I couldn't sleep for approx. 3 weeks because I kept thinking and feeling like something was biting me. I was freaking out.
These bugs can destroy the peace in your life.

It has been 2 months now and after several letters and threats of litigation the hotel's insurance company has finally contacted me.

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