Aquarius Motels
204 11th Ave N
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-3658

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My friend worked there and lived there. He wanted to come to my house at the country club I live at and I had to tie his clothes in a bag and let him borrow my clothes.

Me and my fiance moved in a few days ago. And discovered bed bugs in the couch. We went down to the office and complained but they wouldn't refund us our money. So now I'm forced to just live here because I have no money to get another place

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My fiance and I along with our 4yr old son moved in here for a long term stay on June 1st. We stayed there for 3 wks. We were staying in AquariusIV. Within the first wk, June 7th, my son was covered with bites. I thought it was mosquito bites. The next day, June 8th, my fiance had several bites on her that werent there before we went to bed. I went to office on June 9th and reported it to the desk clerk and he said they would have someone out there on mon June 11th. That we werent the only ones

with that issue. Mon came and no one showed to treat them. I go to the office on tues, June 12th, to ask and they said they were "in between treaters". All the while the problem was going untreated and we were still getting bit. Asked for a different room and they said they had none available. On thurs,June 14th, my fiance goes to the office and wasnt as nice about it and was basically told that there wasnt anything that could be done. So we told them that we will be moving out then. We had to give a wk notice of us moving out because we were long term. That fri, June 15th, our rent was due, we paid and paid for it to be due on sat. of the following wk. On mon, June 18th, my fiance went down to the office yet again and the manager was there. My fiance argued with the manage (who lives on site as do many of the employees do) about another issue and brought up the bed bug and roach problem and the manager said they had no record of our reporting that and one of the front desk clerks said no they have been in here about several times. The manager responded with well if you dont like it then move out. We responded with fine we will. They started treating where the infestation began on tues, June 19th, which was the apartment below us. Fri night, June 22nd, some other people came down for the weekend and rented the room below us, the initial room that it began in, and it was still infested. They were traveling with 2 infants that were getting bit badly. The Aquarius motel refused to refund them their money back and just gave them another room. We bagan moving out late that night. On sat, June 23rd, we checked out and was told that since we didnt give a notice about us moving out that we werent gonna get any of our deposit back. At the time of us checking out our room still had not been treated yet. The manager, Jennifer, rips people off and runs the business horribly. This is the last place I would ever recomend to anyone. STAY AWAY!!!

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Stayed at Aquarius October 8-9. On October 10 the dermatologist confirmed it were bedbug bites. 70+ nice souvenirs of a one-night stay.

Although this hotel DOES HAVE A SERIOUS BED BUG INFESTATION, they are trying there best to get rid of the problem. We stayed there for a week and we did get nearly eatten alive however, they brought in sprays, steamers and whole room heaters to eliminate the problem and were extremely sympathetic to the problem.

We stayed at the aquarius motel in May of 2011 and we got eattin up with bed bug bites. We had to take our son to the er. When we went to th front desk they just gave us a can of bug spray

Several people have reported being bit by bugs in these rooms. One man was recently sent to Maryland because he had contracted Cat Scratch Fever froma bed bug thee.

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