Affordable Family Resort
2300 S Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-4745

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Came up for a family vacation for three days on 5/17 and booked this room at the last second. I checked in earlier that day but wasn't able to get into the room until later that night, after the office had closed. The room felt dirty. Being a housekeping manager at a major tourist resort in Florida, I always inspect my room. I found cobwebs all in the ceilings, mold in the bathroom around the sink, trash still on the floor. I'd post pictures on here if I could...

When I checked the bed,

the sheets hadn't been changed and had blood stains on them. I checked under the mattress and found bed bugs. I checked the bed in the other room, luckily there was nothing, I took my chances and slept on the top of the bed because those sheets had also not been changed. The following morning I went to their front desk and showed the attendant the photo that I took of the bed bugs. She asked if I wanted to change rooms...really. She called in the housekeeping manager, she seemed to take it seriously. I was upgraded to a "nicer" room and asked if I could get the first night comped, she said that she didn't have the ability but the owner would be in the following day. The nicer room was slightly larger, that's about it.

In talking with the owner about what happened, she said they weren't going to do anything else since they already upgraded my room at no charge. Personally knowing how to handle and treat a room after they find bed bugs, I asked what they do. The owner said they'll keep an eye on it for a few days and then it it back in service. Unacceptable...this was room 414.

Avoid this place at any cost...

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