Hilton Head Plaza Hotel and Su
36 S Forest Beach Dr
Hilton Head Island, SC

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My stepdaughter was in between apartments and had to stay in this hotel on a weekly rate. Well, within a day or so she had TERRIBLE BEDBUG BITES all over her body. She reported this to hotel management who tried to say that they were spider bites and that they had no problems with bed bugs... well, that is just not true. This hotel is known by locals as the "Bedbug Inn" and although I've heard some changes were going to be made I would never allow anyone I loved to stay in this establishment. If

you do, please for your own sake, check, very closely, the sheets and beds before ever checking into this hotel.

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On May 26 we headed out to what was suppose to be a wonderful time at the beach. Upon arrival at the Metropolitan Hotel we were told they were full, even tho we had reservations for two rooms, but somehow "found" one king room and was working on the ac in a double. We took both rooms and was told to check later for the double since they were still working on it. Dropped all our stuff in the king room, which looked nice, and headed for the beach. After a couple hours we went back to the hotel

and was told the double room was ready. Finally got in it, went to turn on the ac, the fan sounded like it was blowing, but no cold air. We informed the desk of this and was told that was the only room there was. So we opened the sliding door to outside and thankfully there was a coolish breeze. After dinner and many drunk college students later, we returned to the room. My room mate pulled back her covers and said "Oh look a bug" and flipped it to the floor. Having the outside door opened we thought one came in. Then I pulled back my covers and saw two bugs, one bigger than the other. I got a terrible feeling. I had some sandwich baggies with me and proceded to bag the bugs. I went down and got clean sheets and all, remade the beds and put the old in the hallway. Not sleeping much that night from the heat, noise, and feeling like something crawling on me, we got up and counted the blood spots on the new sheets. I had 10 blood spots on the bed and my friend had 8 on hers. I took the bagged bugs down to the desk, showing everyone I met along the way, and gave them to the clerk that greeted us the day before. After some talk we were refunded our money and left never to return to that hotel again.

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