Hilton Hotel Columbia
924 Senate St
Columbia, SC 29201

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I stayed at the Hilton Columbia Center from August 21st - 24th in room 214. I woke up on the 24th covered in bites from my elbows to my feet.
I went to check out (immediately!) and informed the front desk of the situation. When I asked if they had bed bug problems in the past, the front desk clerk said "Oh yes, just not in that room."
They credited my account for the stay, however, told me they would have an inspector out to examine the room and if he didn't find anything, they would cha

rge my account.
I received an email from the hotel 2 days later saying they had some local inspector look at the room and deem it bed bug free, and immediately charged my account.
I replied that I had 10+ pictures of the bites on my legs, blood on the bedding, and saw a doctor that confirmed they were bed bug bites.
Poor poor poor customer service!!!!! AVOID this hotel.

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March 1 2013- room on the 7th floor. Unfortunately I didn't look for signs of bedbugs on our arrival. Awakened in the morning to have a brown bug with hard casing that when smushed made sheet pink. Have done research on bedbugs online since this happened and realize this is an indicator of being a bedbug. Went to the Hilton thinking I was staying for a night in a luxury hote l and now am sick with worry and trying to do prevention for bringing the bugs into my home. I left written notification

of brown bug in my bed. I hope they are not in my car now...

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Checked in on Wed, 7/11/12. I had forgotten to check the registry...but had stayed at this hotel in the past (it had been several months since my last visit). I assumed all was okay and even questioned it on check in. Went to Junior Suite I think it was 823 (definitely 8th floor). I immediately reviewed room and found bugs in TWO cobwebs (near the ceiling corner) in corner of bedroom. Climbed up and one of the bugs was still alive. I moved them in to a paper and folded it up - grabbed my t

hings and left that room. Gave bug samples to desk, they tried to assure me they did not have bugs and also tried to imply these weren't bed bugs (they certainly looked like them). Moved to room 719 - another Jr. Suite. Checked and cobwebs revealed same thing, same bugs. I checked out (which they were very accomodating and nice about - really). They moved me to sister property Hampton Inn downtown. No issues there at all.

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On June 18, 2012, 5 of my coworkers and I traveled to Columbia for a meeting and checked into the Hilton. I checked the registry before making reservations here and no one else has submitted a report, but two of us went through 5 rooms and finally checked out at midnight! The others weren't aware of the problems we were seeing but I think we all now regret ever having put our things down in these rooms.
We checked in around 3:00, took a tour of the campus and when I came back to my room to show

er, I noticed a dirty towel. It was folded and so I thought possibly the cleaning person just wasn't aware of it. I tossed it aside and got ready for dinner. My clothes were on the bed (and yes, I had inspected it for bugs or signs of bugs when I checked in) and my bag was on the other bed. I went to dinner and came back, pulled the sheets back to get into bed and saw a bunch of long black hair in the bed. I have short, blonde hair and had not been in the bed. While I was standing there trying to think what to do, I noticed something move on the sheet. A bed bug was crawling across the sheet!!!! I immediately moved my things to the bathroom and called the desk. They came up and moved me to another room. I asked them to wait while I checked out the room and there was a bedbug on the cover of the bed crawling towards me! I took a video, and some pictures at this point and had the guy call his manager, who met us in yet another room. In the meantime, I texted my coworker to check his room. He found a bug crawling in his room too!!! They moved him to the room on 8 across the hall from me. The manager apologized, they removed all bedding and we looked and looked. They sent me a little gift package with candy and drinks. My room was still dirty and I couldn't see anything crawling but I had the heebie jeebies at this point and it was midnight and no way could I sleep. My coworker and I opted to leave and find another hotel at this point. We were reimbursed for the stay without question - but that's because they knew they had a bedbug problem. They all admitted that they saw the bugs but they kept moving us as if they weren't really there. One room was as bad as the next. DO NOT STAY HERE. (3rd floor, room 333, 8th floor room 812, and 8th floor rooms 835 and 836 and I'm not sure what my coworkers first room # was). Believe me, I've never been so disgusted.

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