Hawthorn Suites
2455 Savannah Hwy
Charleston, SC 29414-5323

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My husband and I stayed at this hotel from May 23 - 25 Memorial Day weekend. By Saturday afternoon I noticed a big red looking and itchy bump on my arm and yes, I wondered if it could be from a bedbug bite. When we got home on Monday afternoon, May 26, my husband wanted to put som Benadryl on some bumps that were itching on his back. I took a look and there were several reddish bumps lined up on his back on his right side. I'm pretty sure we both have now experienced bedbug bites for the fir

st time in our life.

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On March 11, 2014, I found a live bedbug in my room on the fourth floor. I captured it in an empty water bottle and brought it to the front desk. They tried to pass it off as some other type of but and casually threw the evidence in the garbage. At my insistence, they retrieved the bottle and and had an exterminator check it the next morning. The exterminator confirmed it was an adult bedbug. He checked the room, said there were no signs of bedbugs, and said it was probably just a hitch hiker

from the airport. The rooms are filthy, so I am not very convinced that this bedbug was a hitch hiker. The hotel refused to take responsibility for heat treatments, so I have had to throw away my luggage and launder my clothing in hot water. Very unprofessional treatment by hotel, and I will be avoiding it in thefuture at all costs

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