Knights Inn Columbia
1987 Airport Blvd
Cayce, SC 29033

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I use to work for Knights Inn. Sue Wofford threatened us with our jobs if we were caught talking to Sam the owner. Sue was a Hellish manager. She never paid us for hours that we worked over. She had notes posted that we must come to work early, however we were not allowed to clock in. There have been numerous times that I had to work a 16 hour shift because Sue would not call any one in to relieve me. Many of those times I went the entire 16 hour shift with out anything to eat. One day Su

e and Corless cornered me in the office. As they were arguing at me and shaking their fingers in my face,I could feel the spit from their mouths spraying on my face. They were upset because I was under Dr.'s care with a knee injury and was unable to use my knee very much. So I was studying at the front desk. I was told by Sue I could not study my medical terminology book. All I could do was sit there. By that time, I kept trying to leave because my shift was over,and they both blocked me from going out the door. I certainly feel that those two women were always involved in doing wrong things. I felt very threatened that day. I really felt like I was about to get lynched mobbed by those two women. Sue use to have corless come to her house to do personal work for her. Yet the owner Sam was paying corless to do Sue's yard work and house cleaning. I thought this was wrong. I was threatened with my job when I mentioned this. Sue told me that when Sam comes in and she or corless is not there I was to tell Sam, corless went to get some change or pick up items needed for the hotel. This was not true. Corless was at Sue's house doing things for Sue while she was still on the time clock at Knights Inn. Knights inn started having bed bug issues about 4 months before I left and went to work for the Marriott. I never saw a bed bug until I started working at Knights Inn. I thought bed bugs were myths. I knew which rooms had been reported for having bed bugs. I tried not to rent these rooms if at all possible. But I was informed by housekeeping manager corless and General Manager Sue ,"That was none of my business. rent the damn rooms." So I did what I was told. The next day when I came in for my shift Sue fired me I asked her why. I had never been written up and always received positive comments from the customers and Always on time for work. Sue's reply was that she did not have to have a reason. I called Sam and left him another voice mail about what had happened and he never called me back. Sue, I feel fired me because I called Sam when Sue and Corless harrassed me and held me against my will and would not let me leave. This happened the same day I called Sam and left him the first voice mail about feeling harrassed by Sue and Corless. Even though Sue wouldn't admit it. Sam is just as much aware of many issues. He tries to act like he's not aware of these issues , but he is. He lets Sue handle his messes because he can not man up. If you ask me they all are bad people. I am so glad that I no longer work for THOSE PEOPLE ( Sam, Sue, and Corless.) The rooms were nasty and smelled terrible. I wanted to refund the customers money. Unfortunately, Sue's policy was under no circumstances employees could refund money. Sue also prohibited us from giving out corporates #. I did several times. I didn't care if Sue knew because by that time I was tired of watching her treat people like they were nothing to her. She thinks she is a GODDESS ha ha ha. Sincerely, Angela Hoover

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I am responding to Nana's report. This is her daughter. We had to deal with bed bugs for over a month, once I got corporates number they decided to switch us to a different room. I called corporate every 30-45 mins and finally the next day, I got a call back stating that they couldn't do anything about our situation, that I had to talk to the owner of the property. I got his name and called and spoke to him. Both times I talked to him, the phone call was ended with 45 seconds of him getting on t

he phone. The first time, he asked what my problem was. I starting telling the story and as soon as I said, bed bugs, he said we talk later, ok bye and hung up. They extended our time to 4. I called about an hour before we had to be out, to see what was going to be done about the situation. He said, we gave you one free night (9-1), problem solved. I said, no, that's not problem solved. One free night AND kicking us out because we wanted decent service and we weren't getting it, is not going to cut it. I WILL BE TELLING EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOTEL! Sam Patel is the owner and Sue Wofford (one of the people who got arrested) is the manager. Neither of them solved our problem. We had to deal with that situation AND stress and didn't even get our money back. Will be seeing what we can do to MAKE SURE this situation IS TAKEN CARE, so no one else will have to go through this. In my opinion, this hotel should be shut down and put under new management AND have a new owner, one that actually cares about the people that need a place to stay for a night or more.

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My daughter and her family (kids are 6 and 3) stayed at this hotel. They ended up in the Emergency Room with an unknown rash. Ended up being bed bugs. The hotel REFUSED to move them, just said they would spray. Two weeks later, more bites and the hotel REFUSED to do anything. When my daughter asked for the Corporate office phone number, they moved them to another room....with bed bugs. They were so bad that the bugs could be seen in the bed. My daughter called Corporate 7 times, left 7 me

ssages, and they have not contacted her yet. The hotel told her "you are not happy here, so you have to leave, by 12 Noon, tomorrow." They threw them out because they complained. (The same day, the manager and asst. manager were arrested for obstruction of justice, letting drug deals go on and for not cooperating with the police.)

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