Comfort Inn Airport Warwick
1940 Post Rd
Warwick, RI

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My husband and I spent the night at his hotel on 7/08/2012. Our flight was cancelled and we need to stay in a hotel close to the airport. My husband is a practicing physician. The next day he notice his neck was itching and could feel multiple raised areas. When he returned home from work this evening he asked me to look at his neck. There were 2 areas of 3-4 bites that were clustered, red and very swollen. I took a picture of both areas and he compared the photograph with a photograph of d

ocumented "bed bug bites". They were exact. He diagnosed himself as having been bitten by bed bugs. I would never go to another Comfort Inn much less this particular hotel.

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i saw bedbugs in my friends room and i saw was so disgusting. never going back to a comfort inn ever again especially the warwick comfort inn. i recommend not going. worst hotel ever!

I found 1 large bedbug crawling over pillows when I pulled the covers back. Moved to another room did a thorough check and didn't find any. Will not come back.

COMFORT INN AIRPORT, Providence (Warwick) Rhode Island. September 4, 2009. ROOM 444 .. at 2:30 a.m. found the bed was covered with bedbugs, I mashed one large one and it was full of my bright red blood which spewed out onto the sheet. then found bedbugs of varying sizes behind the pillows, under mattress, under box spring, behind headboard. the single most horrible experience I've had in 26 years of business travel. I threw away every single thing I had with me including my suitcase w

ith contents, and every piece of clothing I had with me.

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