Comfort Inn
2200 Stacey Dr
Reading, PA 19605-2856

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On October 14th 2013, I stayed at this property. About 5:00 AM I felt a strange sensation, and turned on the light to find 3 Bed Bugs on the bed near my arm. I killed one of them, while the other two escaped.
Reported to the front desk, and they were very concerned. I checked out immediately. They made no offer for my situation.
I probably won't stay at this property any time again soon though.

My husband has been working in Reading, PA for a month now. So I decided that my daughter and I would visit. His work put us up in the hotel they had others staying at. After night one, on March 16, 2013, I noticed a couple marks on my daughter. She occasionally gets red spots and they go away so I thought nothing of it. We were out for the day. It seemed to get better. She took a nap there that afternoon and by that night I saw a couple more spots. Still it didn't register that it could

be bed bugs. The next morning, on March 17, 2013 her hands were covered with bites and they were also on her cheek, neck and legs. I went out to get benadryl and called my mom to see what else to do. She said to look for bed bugs. So I called my husband and told him to do just that. When I returned to the room he had a bed bug captured in a cup. I was an emotional wreck. I picked up my daughter and marched out to the front desk with my husband behind me carrying the cup with the bed bug. Quickly, after I announced to them (so that others could hear) that my daughter had bites from bed bugs and we had found one, they ushered us to the side door out of view. They wanted to keep the bed bug but we refused. They told us our stay would be covered and we wouldn't have to sign. I told them I was taking my daughter to the Urgicenter and that they'd be paying for that too. They did and were very accomodating. I'm just so upset because now I have all our belongings in plastic bags in my parents garage so it will freeze and kill them. Then I have to take everything to a laundromat and wash and dry it on high heat. I'm sure it will damage most everything we had there. Plus there are stuffed animals that I would just rather throw away but my daughter would be devastated. So sick over this. Please spread the word that this Comfort Inn has bed bugs!!!

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