Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel
107 6th St
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-3301

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I stayed at the Pittsburgh Renaissance March 13 & the next morning I noticed 5 bug bites on my leg. I did not go to a doctor to diagnose, but they appear to be bed bug bites.

I've been travelling to Pittsburgh quite a bit for work and have been staying here anywhere from 1 to 3 night a week for the past month. I first notice some bites and severe itching about a month ago (mid/late April 2012). Went to the doctor who told me it was bed bugs and at that point I could not pin point to this location since in that time I had stayed at another hotel at least once. Regardless, just this week, I noticed some more bites and itching (all previous bites and itching had disa

ppeared as of a week ago). I checked out today and will never check-in there again.

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