Holiday Inn Select Pittsburgh @ University Ctr (Oakland) Hotel
100 Lytton Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-1444

Found 3 reports:

stayed at this location from 09/29/2013 - 10/03/2013. this is now a wyndham property. occupied room 222. NO BEDBUGS WHATSOEVER. room was immaculate, linens were clean, pillows and towels were clean and abundant. property is well maintained. hotel staff was very courteous and helpful. would definitely stay here again and strongly recommend to other travelers.

My wife just called me from this Holiday Inn
after finding two bugs crawling in the bed. She
is in room 523 today (10/16/2012). I went onto
the Bedbug Registry just now and found out that
someone had reported a bedbug infestation just
last month in the room next to hers!! I've
advised her to leave the room and hotel
immediately. I sure hope that she doesn't bring any hitchhiking bedbugs home to Virginia.

Do yourself a favor -- stay away from this hotel!

On 09/16/2012 I slept in room 521 on the bed closest to the door. When I woke up I was covered with bites, at least 30 + bites and I wish to God I was exaggerating but on my daughters life, this is the truth. I contacted the corporate phone number and I was told they would call me back but so far, nothing. the itching and pain is remarkable and I would never wish this on my worst enemy.

No nearby bug reports