Holiday Inn Express and Suites South Side
20 S 10th St
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Found 2 reports:

I slept overnight in room 316 on the sofa and was attacked! Over 12 bites, some of them quite large.

On Oct 8, 2010 I was awoken at 4:30 AM from bedbug bites. I didn't know what was making me so itchy, but upon turning on the light, I discovered that I had been bitten >12 times, several with the characteristic "double bite" and found 6 bugs in the bed. I was in room 219.

The night desk woman was sympathetic and surprised. She indicated she did not know there were bed bugs in the hotel. She comped my parking and told me the manager would call me later that day. I paid through a third pa

rty travel website so she couldn't adjust my room charge.

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