Hampton Inn Pittsburgh Dwtn
1247 Smallman St
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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I came to town to stay for the weekend. We had two rooms booked. We decided to look at the mattresses in the rooms, I'm glad we did! There were obvious blood spots and sure evidence of the presence of bed bugs. I had pre-paid for my room and the General Manager, Paul Metzler told me that since I had pre-paid for my room there was nothing he could do! I did not want to stay here anymore and he would not do anything to help me out. He is a complete joke of a manager.
Stay away from Hilton brands,

once they have your money, that's all that matters to them.

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We checked into our hotel room after the Steelers/Browns game on October 17th, went to our room, I believe 611 or 612, I can't remember which one exactly. My brother travels a lot for the company he works for which makes my sister in law crazy about bed bugs so they aren't brought to their home and get in to their two young daughters beds. The first bed we checked didn't seem to have any bugs in it, however, the second had a tiny bug crawling on the seam of the mattress. We actually took a video

of the bug, which I still have, in case we were questioned about it. It was a very tiny bug about the size of a flea, not sure if it was a baby bed bug or what it was. Either way I'm not going to be sleeping in a bed with ANY type of bugs. The hotel was very helpful and moved us to another room on another floor. All I suggest is to CHECK THE MATTRESS SEAMS, simply looking on the covers is not enough.

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