Hampton Inn & Suites Pittsburgh
1247 Smallman St
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-4239

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We brought my family here for my Mother's Birthday in March. Booked two rooms on the 6th floor. We switched rooms with my Mother so she could have a better view & we ended up with bed bugs all over us. My boyfriend called the manager upon departure and never received a call back to even refund or apologize for this. He went to the doctors and it was confirmed, as well as the various photos we took. I cannot believe that we paid for multiple rooms for multiple nights and nothing was done on behal

f of this hotel to resolve the situation. We had to have our house 'bombed' for bed bugs because I was pregnant and we have a then, 3 year old daughter. This alone speaks volumes for this hotel. I do not recommend ever staying here or giving them business. Also, back in March when this happened, there were various other reports of bed bugs being on the 6th floor too. So buyer BEWARE!

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