Sofitel Philadelphia
120 S 17th St
Philadelphia, PA 19103-5115

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Omg I am so upset about my stay at the sofitel! I stayed in 1206 and soon as I went in Ofcourse I checked my bed! It was so many noticeable bed bugs and noone cared! All they was worried about was that I didn't let the new guest checking in hear me! They didn't wanna refund my money and didnt wanna switch my room! I just left and went to the hotel across the street this was so cruel of the hotel to treat a paying guest this way I would never even look at the sofitel again!

The sofitel appears to be luxury and elegant but what people don't no is that the sofitel doesn't change their bed linen! Workers have went to management after knowing this and they just won't do anything about it! Sorry to say but alot of guest are sleep with bugs on top of dirty linen. They don't wash they cups they use the same from the guest befor you they just rinse with hot water. Also theirs mice and roaches in the hotel for months! Maybe even a year they have been talking about getting r

id of these things and haven't.. The SOFITEL is not I repeat is not worth you money! They need to investigate people come from all over to have a nice stay for all the money they spend they deserve it! The housekeeping management team is lazy! They have temps there cleaning rm s and not so good housekeepers but refuse to go check the rms they send room attendants who are not qualified for that

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I stayed 1 night at the Sofitel Hotel in Philadelphia on October 5, 2011 for a work-related event When I awoke early in the morning of October 6th and pulled back the covers, I noticed a bed bug on the bed. After composing myself, I captured him in a ziplock bag used for my toiletries. I then noticed another beg bug on the wall just above the wood head board of the bed. He ran behind the picture on the wall before I could capture him. The second bed bug later resurfaced, climbed down the wal

l, onto the head board and then on to my pillow, at which time I captured him with the same ziplock bag. I then pulled back the sheets more and discovered fresh, bright red blood on the flat sheet (the bugs had clearly bitten me and I now have visible bite marks on my back). At check out, I handed the ziplock bag over to the Director of Guest Services, Susanne Pasi, who did not seem surprised by what she saw. She refused to provide a written acknowledgment of the situation, or to agree in writing that the Sofitel would reimburse me for my expenses in the event additional bugs made it into my luggage and traveled home with me. I am horrified by the incident and by the Sofitel's reaction to the events.

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I stayed in this Hotel, which I love on business. My stay was 8/10/09-8/12/09. I woke up in the morning and saw and killed one bed bug that was on my pillow. I called the front desk immediately and they really were not helpful. I said I just killed a bed bug and I have it in a glass...They said, don't bring it down to the front desk. The neve. I will not stay there again.