Ten Avenue Of The Arts
Philadelphia, PA 19102-2500

Found 4 reports:

Stayed on second floor and bedbugs bit and infested my home
I have spent over $7,000.00 so far
Had to throw out beds and buy new ones
Spent four weeks prepping home for exterminator
Still bit badly and my entire summer has been ruined due to the filthy Ritz Carlton

stayed the nights of 9/9/12 - 9/10/12 later the 2nd day found a few red flea-like itchy bites. They got worse the next few days. My husband stayed in the same bed but got no bites

Bed bugs in room 203

Noticed one dead bug in the sheets on the morning after a single night's stay from 5/29-5/30, with a nearby blood smear on the sheet. Several days later, covered in small bites, no indication of any bugs at home.