Latham Hotel
135 S 17th St
Philadelphia, PA 19103-5453

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1/18/2012-I saw the entry from 2009 on your website, but I decided given much time had passed and that they had completely rennovated, it might be fine. That being said, I knew to do a thourough search of the room to ensure that there was no bed bug evidence. My search produced a live bed bug. I captured it and took it to the front desk. Hotel staff were surprised moreso that there was a bug and everything is so newly renovated, more than they were actually concerned that there was a bed bug

. I can only hypothesize that the renovations to the hotel may have brought about the hope that there would no longer be bed bug issues. Hotel staff were very accomodating to my concerns and even offered to help me find another place to stay. It's too bad because the room was very nice.

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Checked into Latham Hotel at 11:30 pm on September 11, 2009. Went to sleep and awoke at 1:30 with itching. Turned on light, and found bed sheet crawling with bed bugs. Have been unable to get hotel manager to answer my calls.

Latham Hotel, 135 S. 17 St, Philadelphia Pa, room number 1302.