Hampton Inn Philadelphia Center City-Convention Center
1301 Race St
Philadelphia, PA 19107-1517

Found 5 reports:

Woke up early in the morning and felt and itch on my left thigh. Upon examination, I saw what looked like
mosquito bites in a single line. I counted 9 bites on my thigh to knee cap. Uncovered the bed sheets to look for the little f####kers, but found only little black specks on the sheets. I told the hotel maid and the front desk to quaratine the room.

We stayed from June 3rd through June 5th and discovered bed bug bites when we got home. Doctor confirmed they were bed bug bites because of the pattern. We called the manager and they never returned any of our calls. We stayed in Rm 1013...watch out!

Prior to slipping into bed for the evening, I pulled down the sheet and saw at least 3 bed bugs scrambling. I then lifted the pillows and saw more bugs. I called front desk who sent a person to the room and CONFIRMED they were bed bugs. I was quickly moved to another room. I was not charged for the room cost. Room #723.

Checked in 11/23. checked out 11/26. On Sat morn (11/24) found a flat, reddish brown bug crawling on comforter. Picked it up and squished it thinking it would crush like a spider or beetle and we could examined it later (I suspected it was a bedbug, but wasn't sure since I thought they were smaller like fleas)but it expolded and was full of blood. We were in a rush that morning, and didn't think about it until later. Looking up pictures confirmed my suspicion. We did look for the tell-tale si

gns, and didn't find anything. They advertise that the bedding is changed daily. No one seemed to be bitten, despite the blood in the bug.

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Check in 10/20 Check out 10/24. Day of check out had four linear bite lesions on left arm and one on left foot. Extremely itchy. showed lesions to staff before leaving the hotel. Seen by MD when I returned home and diagnosed with bedbug bites.