Comfort Inn & Suites
800 Route 940
Mt Pocono, PA 18344-1351

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Prepaid a 2 night stay with my wife and daughter all was fine until about 3am when my wife got bit. We all got up and found a few even captured the little suckers! Had to drive back to NYC at 3:30am. They offered to change out room but we refused it, what good would that do.
By the way we were in room 324 third floor.

In response the the person who states that he or she has never had a problem with bedbugs, I can absolutely inform you that not everyone reacts to a bedbug bite. Some have severe reactions, some have minimal reactions and some have no reaction at all. This person likely falls into the latter category because I can most assuredly state that there is a heavy infestation of bedbugs in this hotel. The fact that one does not react not mean that said bedbugs will not travel home with you in your su

itcase, on your clothing or personal affects. If anything, the "non-reactor" is clueless and thus will not take precautions to avoid bringing these noxious insects home.

It is an otherwise nice hotel and the owners/staff are very nice people. The heavy infestation of bedbugs, however, makes the place untenable for any purpose. I travel on business and this hotel is very convenient. I would never stay there again, however, because I was covered with dozens upon dozens of large itchy bites to say nothing of the potential to bring them home! I now stay at the Comfort Inn in Bartonville even though extra driving is required. At least there I can be sure I will not be covered with huge red welts nor will I bring home any "hitch-hikers" from my travels.

The cavalier attitude re this problem on the part of the hotel is appalling. Literally months after I stayed there in Sept 2013, I am reading on Trip Adviser where the problem is worse than ever. Clearly management does not care.

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I have stayed at this hotel for the past two years (Monday - Friday) for business. I have stayed in many different rooms in this hotel, and I have to say that I have never had any problems with bed bugs at this hotel. My company has put many people in this hotel for business and nobody has evern encountered bed bugs. This hotel is kept very clean, so I really dont know what some of these people are talking about.

I had checked in last week and the older man checked us into the 3rd floor only to find out the room had bedbugs all over the carpets and bedding. I had one on my shoe and my Husband had one on his suitcase. If i Bring any home I will file a lawsuit against this place. The Hotel is not what the pictures show the rooms are FILTHY and BEDBUGS INFESTED!!! BEWAREEEEE!!! :(

I had checked out of the hotel on November 28th do too numerous bed bugs running all over my pillow and my mattress. they are on the walls the carpets and the furniture the furniture is outdated and banged up and very dirty. I asked one of the housekeepers what do they do about the bedbugs and they said that the owner is very cheap and goes and buys raid from their local Walmart and does not take the actions of a professional service. this place should not only be shut down it should be quaranti


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I stayed here on business for a number of days in September 2013 - there is a major infestation of bed bugs - at least so on the third floor. I could not say what is the status of the 2nd or 1st floor. My room was changed several times over my stay - at my request - yet the problem recurred. Over the course of several days, I ended up with some 40 or more large welts all over my body. It was a miserable trip, to say the least.

I didn't imagine this problem. In one room I actually saw t

he bed bugs hiding in the seems of an upholstered chair. I captured two - putting them in a zip-lock bag - to show the management. This infestation is quite heavy (on the third floor, anyway) and most unfortunate because the hotel is otherwise very nice. This issue aside, the hotel is clean and the staff is great. This infestation makes it intolerable from my perspective - I will never stay there again.

What I found most disturbing is that, on reading previous reports, no remedies have been taken to correct the problem in Room 305. That was one of the several rooms I stayed in. After being bitten, I inspected the room. I discovered exactly the same scenario as what was described and posted here previously. That means that in TWO YEARS, nothing was done to correct the problem of a known infestation in that room, alone - let alone the rest of the hotel. Apparently, then, the owners of this hotel do not feel that bed bugs are any big deal. They might, however, feel differently if THEY had to sleep there only to wake up and find their bodies covered with welts.

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I stayed there one night and woke up with bites all over my arms.

Stayed here over Christmas weekend, 12/24 and 25. Brought a "friend" home with us!!!!! I can't believe I forgot to check here before checking in.....PLEASE, everybody, tell everyone about this site and to check here first!!! There's nothing we can do about this now....I'm sure they'd say we can't prove we picked it up there. Please PRAY that we don't get an infestation in our home!!!

We were registered for room 305. Checked mattress there and there was a ripped plastic mattress cover right on the side. I checked the mattress and found telltale bedbug droppings on the seams. Needless to say we hightailed it out of there and didn't spend the night. We opted to drive back to nyc at 1 am instead. We are hoping we don't bring one home!

My girlfriend and I were registered guests of this hotel on 9/16/11.

Upon waking up on 9/17/11. Both of our faces, arms, legs, and necks were covered in bites and welts. We plan on lodging a formal complaint with the hotel; however, in the interim we wanted to make sure no one else was subjected to this situation.

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