Budget Inn
444 Wyoming Ave
Kingston, PA 18704-3603

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I used to be the maintenance guy for this place, back when it was still owned by a well-known local family that also used to own the hotel near the Pierce St. bridge (now a mixed-use business center).

Even back then - we're talking 15 or so years ago - the hotel was slipping into ruin. They had had water damage - BAD water damage - in the back of the complex. The owners used to live in the space on the second floor above the main entrance, and it was, oddly enough, as plush an apartment as yo

u could imagine.

The rooms - not so much. Those rotting mattresses were in the back storage area even when I was there, and it was always "We'll get rid of them soon", so figure they're at least 15 years old.

The maintenance budget slowly disappeared over the years as management just gave up and finally sold this white elephant. I see from Google Maps that the broken-down swimming pool is still behind the building and still filled with garbage, and that the upper-rear rooms are still just empty, lonely places where the framing timbers are pretty much all that remain.

It's a shame, really, because this used to be the showplace of the area, but with the snotty current management there we can only hope the building inspectors stop taking bribes and condemn the place - that would be an honorable death for this grand old dame.

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Found bed bugs and kissing bugs. Kissing bug was on night stand walking slowly towards me.

Likely hadn't fed in quite awhile. There was also a kissing bug in bathroom when went in and turned light on, tried to stop on it, but it was fast and went into the crack of linoleum where it meats tub, to pry up linoleum only meant it dug deeper and deeper into the ever widening gap.

Switched room until I found a clean one.

Best rooms are on top floor closest to street view.

Bottom rooms a

re infested, as you get closer and closer to the corner room where there's the actual HOME of the motel owners, the rooms are heavily infested with both bed bugs and kissing bugs.

The room closest on bottom to wooden doors to storage in main motel on ground floor is piled with rotting, moldy mattresses that are out of the rooms for remodel.

They seem to have a few scabbers working on rooms to paint over mess. Then they bring mattresses back into the rooms and cover the beds with either sleeves or several layers of linen.

I had no choice in the matter related to contract and this was where I was to stay.

Visited with other staying in rooms closest to street and had no reports of bites or insects. I would love to go to the rear properties of this building and talk to the residents, perhaps I will and compile more data on the subject.

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Left with bits everywhere!

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