Valley Forge Convention Center
1160 1st Ave
King Of Prussia, PA 19406-1355

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I recently stayed (1-30-2015 to 2-1-2015, the first morning I woke up to find a bug on my sheet. I didn't know what kind of bug it was so I looked up bed bugs on internet and wow it was an adult bed bug. I called front desk they sent security to my room to take my name. Don't know what the purpose of the security visit was for. They gave me new room, had no choice but to stay. I stayed with other people who had different rooms, they checked their beds and low and behold their mattress were load

ed with eggs and fecal , google bed bug images, exactly same as images. One of my friends also reported her finds, they also offered her a new room, the second room was worse than the first one. Again they gave her a third room. We had no choice but to stay, we were there for a dance convention. Six rooms all had evidence of bed bugs. Just great, now at home with luggage, clothing, etc, that I can't bring in house.

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Woke up with bites all over my neck, hands and arms. Turned into welts. Only stayed one night thank goodness!

checked in to room 303 on may 19th , checked out monday may 21st 2012...after first night woke up with multiple bites in track pattern on arm and leg , didnt think much of it, second morning i woke up to about 30 plus bites on whole body, and i never thought bed bugs,,,,i know looking back very dumb on my part ,, showed the clerk when i was checking out that my arm had many bites as she saw red and swollen ,m asked if i saw anything and i said no,,that was it,,, we went back to our home in upsta

te new york ,next day at work a coworker asked what the heck happened to me ( when they saw my arms , legs),,,and couldnt show them other areas of my body....they said you have been biten by bed bugs ,,, so that nite i called hotel to talk with someone which was may 22th , called everyday with no response just leaving voicemails, until on friday i demaned to speak with someone , i did speak with manager kyle fitzpatrick who promised me he would report to me as soon as he knew if they were indeed bed bugs, as i was concerned if i brought them home!..i then was asked to send an email to risk mangement that summarized my stay, which i did, i recieved a call from risk mamgement, then insurance company, it has been 3 weeks and no one from hotel has called with report of bedbugs, after calling hotel my room 303 is open for anyone who dare stay here.i told them i dont care about my suitcase i threw away, slippers not asking for money ,just wanted report on my room 303....and i have been treated so poorly.....can anyone help me , what are my rights on this?

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