Radisson Hotel Valley Forge
1160 1st Ave
King Of Prussia, PA

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Stayed there 1 night 2 weeks ago. Have bed bugs in my house now! DO NOT STAY there!!!!


Stayed for one night , a few hours in one of the interior rooms first floor rooms which I booked through a reservation site.. room smelled off I thought stale smoke and urinal cakes but it was late and I was tired so I went to bed.. woke up with many itchy red spots , went home google said spots found them to be bed bug bites , I NOW have the happy little guys in my bedroom and I AM NOT happy.. today the war begin.. management vehemently denies they have bed bugs not that the maid

s pay attention, they didn't even pay enough attention to remove the dirty clothing in one of the dresser drawers.. for $120 I expected somehow a little more peace of mind.

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Stayed at this place in January 2011. Had one of their "themed" rooms. Should have known this place was a problem when there was no water pressure for the first 3 hours after we checked in. In the middle of the night I couldnt sleep because I felt itchy. I thought nothing of it so I turned the TV on and I felt a tickle/itchy feeling again on my arm. So I turned the light on and there were 3 bed bugs on my arm. I woke my wife up and we found more under the covers and all over our pillows. There l

iteraly must have been 15-20 of them in our bed. Some were red and engorged with my blood. We immediately called the front desk and the attendant said he will switch our room. We declined and got dressed and left. The manager was nice enough to not charge us for the room but I will never stay there again. To top it off it was my honeymoon night.

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I stayed in this place in 2006 with my family back when it was a Hilton. I came back with tons of bites along my trunk. I confirmed with my doctor that I had bedbug bites. When I notified Hilton, I got a message from the owner of the hotel that they didn't have begbugs. I came back with the doctors report; but I never heard back. Obviously, this hotel must have lost their Hilton status for some reason. Maybe it was their poor customer service from the leadership of the establishment.

We checked into a king size room on the 1st floor of the Radisson on Saturday evening. We brought in all of our luggage and started to settle into our room when I saw a small bug on the top of the white comforter. We knocked it in a glass to take a closer look at it. We suspected it was a bed bug and confirmed our suspicions by comparing it to internet photos (shape, color, size were all a perfect match). We immediately contacted the manager to come talk with us. After about 10

minutes of waiting, the manager came down and we showed him the bed bug. The manager remarked that he didn't have his glasses on, but after a quick glance he responded that it looked like a spider to him. We told him it was definitely a bed bug and we would be staying elsewhere for the night. He didn't try to persuade us otherwise or offer another room. In hindsight, he wasn't even alarmed that it was a bed bug. We gathered our belongings and left.

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We stayed at the Raddison Hotel, King of Prussia this past weekend, May 27 - 29. We were in town for a soccer tournament. Upon entering the room, I thought it did not appear to be that clean. I travel with clorox wipes so went ahead and washed bathroom surfaces. Then went to check the beds... YUCK!!! Black hairs/spots (bugs) all over the linen. It appears that the linen was not even changed from previous guest. The comforter was also covered in blood on the underside from the previous guest. THi

s place was disgusting. The MOD came to the room. She was not overly friendly nor alarmed at what we showed her. She took the linens and sent up new ones. THe maid handed us the linens and left. Poor service and dirty dirty hotel room . We would have checked immediately however, the entire area was overbooked due to this large soccer tournament. We also were staying there with fellow team mates whom had complaints as well. We protected our bodies as well as our clothes and bags the best we could. Put all clothes in the bathtub. All bags were up and off the floor. Stayed the duration but never slept well thinking/ fearing the bugs. We dressed in sweats and long socks and hoodies for bed. We turned down the air conditioner so we didnt get
too hot.Never again!!!!

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We truly regret that this guest did not enjoy their stay with us. Since bed bugs are not a function of cleanliness but rather brought in by traveling guests from all over the world, we know that we are not immune to them. Due to this realization, our staff has been trained to recognize signs of bed bugs and then take the appropriate steps for further action. With that said, we take a very proactive and preventative approach here at the Radisson with an aggressive prevention and treatment program


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I often stay at this hotel and haven't had issues before. I checked in on 4/12 and checked out today 4/14. Yeterday, I noticed itchy bite marks on my right leg. I then reinspected the mattress corners and didn't see any bed bug signs. However, then i saw the comforter was covered with the black blood spots. I never inspected the comforter before, just the mattress. Since by then it was late at night, i just removed the comforter. I told the front desk and they were going to check it out a

nd let me know. However, I just saw several videos/photos of bed bug indications and am postive both my leg bites and blood marks on the comforter fit the description.

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