Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites King of Prussia
260 N Gulph Rd
King Of Prussia, PA

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I woke up in the morning and saw a huge bed bug. I caught the bug and looked up online to confirm it was in fact a bed bug. I then realized I had bites all over me. The hotel management were not helpful but since I caught the bug and left it in the bathroom cup for them to see. Their insurance called me and aid they will pay for an inspection at my house but that was all. Bull Sh**!!! I wouldn't stay here ever again unless I wanted more intimate encounters with some blood suckin

g bugs!!!!


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Checked into the hotel 11/12/2013.

I purposely chose this hotel...staying a half hour outside of Philly...because it had a clean report. I got to the hotel late. I was exhausted, but always check the matress before I unpack. I was in room 627. I pulled back the first cover and knocked the pillows away. I noticed what looked like a small blood stain at the top of the bed on the fitted sheet. I pulled the sheet away and there was a bed bug. It was not alive...but it was definitely a bed

bug. I panicked a little...never thought I would see one. The phone in the room did not work, so I had to call the front desk from my cell phone. At first the lady put me on hold...but came back and apologized profusely. She said someone was on their way to check my room, and she upgraded me to a new room...a king suite. While I appreciated the gesture, I really just wanted a clean room. When I got to the new room, I tore the bed apart, as I was so nervous and itchy. I took the hairdryer to the mattress, (they are attracted to heat) and I couldn't find any in this room (532). Praying the room was clean. I couldn't sleep that night...kept thinking about them crawling all over me. The staff was helpful...and I sincerely hope they have that room cleaned.

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