Dolce Hotels and Resorts Valley Forge
301 W Dekalb Pike
King Of Prussia, PA 19406-2435

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Arrive at this hotel on April 26,2013 and stay in room 2313 and move to 2203 while in 2313 complaint of a bite I though it was mosquites didnt think of anything else never knew about beg bugs I thought that was someone nasty that had them kept itching. Later return to my niece house and broke out went to the emergency room and found out that i've been bit by bed bugs. A horroable experence to think a hotel of that source they would not keep there hotel clean and to come back to my nieice house a

nd take her through this washing clothes throwing out luggage and still have to suffer with the though of itching and checking my bed every nite. A night mare.

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We recently had a reservation at this hotel for the weekend of October 21-23. When we arrived we thought the hotel looked clean and would actually be a pleasant stay, we were sadly mistaken. The first room we pulled down the comforter and sheets and found bed bugs crawling throughout the bed, we complained and switched rooms. The second room we were given was just as bad, we walked into the room and right on top of the comforter, close to the headboard, we found bugs. At this poin

t we had no patience and had to switch hotels. The following day we spoke with the manager and he said that he sent housekeeping up to look at the rooms and there was not an issue. I would advise for everyone to beware of this hotel!

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My name is Darrin Frowery and I am the General Manager here at Dolce Valley Forge. I have been here since December of 2009 and, in that entire time, we have had 2 cases of bed bugs...we've have 9 reports of bedbugs, but all but 2 showed no infestation by an outside specialist.

We take the threat of bed bugs very serious and follow a strict guideline whenever there is a report. Once the room is reported to have bedbugs, we:
1. Take that room out of order
2. Take the room to the left, t

he room to the right, the room across the hall, the room above and the room below out of order
3. We have an outside specialist (EcoLab) come and inspect all out of order rooms very thoroughly.

Bedbugs are brought in by an outside source and are not a reflection of the cleanliness of the property. To date there is absolutely no preventative maintenance that we can employ in order to stop an infestation. What we have done here at Dolce Valley Forge is we have had Ecolab educate our Room Attendants on what signs to look for when cleaning one of our rooms.

I hope that this correspondence brings you some piece of mind when making your travel arrangements to the King of Prussia are.

Thank you, and travel safely!

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This hotel is nasty. They have serious housekeeping issues. I have stayed there over 7 times as my company is located in King of Prussia and finally called it quits in December of 2010 after finding a strange insect on the sheets as I was getting ready to check out. Did not find any bites. One of my colleagues did get bed bugs from this hotel. Stay away.

Stayed at this hotel on Wednesday, June 1st and upon arriving in my room immediately checked for bed bugs. I travel every week and always look. Well it is just like they looks like coffee grounds in the seems of the mattress. I immediately asked for another room and the front desk clerk did not seem surprised or that this was the first she was hearing of it. She moved me and that room had no bugs...but the room wasn't really clean and there was absolutely no toilet paper in the bathroom

. Would never stay here again.

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11.10.10 I stayed in room 319 and found a bedbug on the towels in the bathroom. I captured it in a ziploc bag and took it to the front desk. I visited to present at a conference there, and the manager told the conference coordinator that it wasn't a bedbug and he was having an arachnid specialist come and look at it. I took photos, and while I'm not an entomologist, I can count, and this creature only had 6 legs - not an arachnid. Come to think of it, if I were managing this hotel, I'd deny it a

s well, even though it's poor customer service. I didn't pay for the room, my client did, so I was in no position to argue for a refund.

I have since had to stay in this hotel and was put on the same floor (rm 328). I inspected the room thoroughly and found no evidence of bedbugs. I am still anxious, but my business brings me to the hotel once every six weeks. I have no choice. They do have metal luggage racks in the rooms, but the headboards are glued to the wall so you can't check behind them.

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My name is Darin Frowery and I am the General Manager at Dolce Valley Forge. Please be advised that there was no evidence of bed bugs in this room. Please let me know what I need to do in order to have this report updated.
Thank you

Darrin J. Frowery
General Manager
Dolce Valley Forge
[email protected]
(484) 684-1474

I stayed 3 nights at the Dolce Valley Forge on Nov. 12-14th, 2010 for a fitness conference. The first two nights were in room #939, last night in room #708.

I have 18 bed bug bites and counting.... I'm quite allergic to rashes and bites and these are no exception. Lots along the back of my neck, one on my cheek!

I couldn't find anything on the sheets in the first room but decided to switch. I actually think the second room was less clean than the first.

I'm going insane, praying th

at I have not brought them home!

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