Comfort Inn Valley Forge National Park King of Prussia
550 W Dekalb Pike
King Of Prussia, PA

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I contacted the hotel regarding the possibility of bedbugs. To their credit they searched the room and found nothing. They treat the rooms every two weeks and they are calling for the exterminator to also check the room. I appreciate their efforts.

Dates of stay July 11 and 12
Continuation from earlier post

I am paranoid of bedbugs so I always do a search of the room before settling in. I checked the room upon arrival and did not see anything. We stayed two nights. On the day we checked out I started to develop red welts on my feet and legs that itched. At first I thought that I had a few mosquito bites but as the days passed more welts developed. I began looking online and this is typical for bedbugs! I now have welts on the hands, arms, legs and feet. According to some information it may take u

p to two weeks for all of the bites to surface, so at this point I am unsure how badly I was bitten. Sadly, I checked this website after I discovered the bites and not before checking into the hotel.

Dates stayed July 11 and 12, 2014

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Attempted to stay at this hotel while in town for an exam. There were viable bed bugs in room 314. Luckily i noticed before unpacked. I left and went to a different hotel.

I have a family of 8 people that checked into this hotel(room 515,517,518,412) on June 1, 2012, because of an emergency situation that has happened. We had been dwelling in the hotel for a total of 15 days. On Friday morning at about 3:30 am(June 15th)in room 517, my wife got bit in her sleep by something. We immediately woke and starting searching for what bit her but couldn't find anything. The next morning(June 16th) at 4:30 am she was bit again. We immediately woke up and saw the bed-bug wit

hin the seam of the blanket. I notified the receptionist and put a plastic cup over the bed-bug so the receptionist can see the matter for himself. At 4:45 am the receptionist arrived and saw the covered bed-bug on the bed. He notified us that this was going to be thoroughly investigated and that "people bring in bed-bugs" I quote. We notified him that on the day we checked in, we came in with the clothes on our backs because of our situation, and that since check in, my entire family has left from the hotel to go purchase brand new clothes day to day. He said "I understand" and he would notify the supervisor of this situation once she arrived at 6 am. (Fast forward)During breakfast time the supervisor said that "whenever we was ready to talk about this situation, she would be ready". That was at about 7 am. At 11:30 am, she called up to my room several times and insisted that we connect with our agent because they wanted us to leave and said we had to take all of our stuff out the room so they can "treat the problem", which was understandable. I asked where would my family and I go while this process is being handled and she told me to contact my agent to send us somewhere else outside the hotel doors. In other words, they kicked us out immediately. They said "because of our 'type of situation', there are no more rooms available for us". We asked to see a printed paper of their procedure and policy during this matter, they didn't have a policy in writing. We asked to speak to the General Manager and she connected us to him via phone call. My father-in-law tried to inquire about accommadations being as though there was a glitch in the up-keeping of our rooms. The General Manager immediately started getting smart, rude, and very unprofessional and concluded that the company didn't care that we where already homeless, and that I had two children that where going to be on the streets, they just wanted us out the hotel so they can "clean" the room, and have someone occupy the space. My father-in-law didn't say a word once the general manager started getting smart and gave the phone back to the supervisor. She then had to tell GM "hold on, hold on, it's me". He must have still been "goin off" thinking my father-in-law was still on the phone listening. We called the police. The police officer showed up and got our statement and then talked to the supervisor to confirm the matter. The police then confirmed it by stating that this was a civil matter, and there was nothing he can do; no other resources, NOTHING. We then immediately called our family lawyer. Then the GM calls back and says that we didn't have to entirely leave, that we could just take all our stuff and "group in" with our family in the other rooms. They didn't care about anything but the money. Within the 15 days they collected atleast $9,000. The supervisor was very remorseful and was hurt that the general manager talked such in a unprofessional, rude, insensitive matter and had stressed to us "if there's anything she can do, please let us know". Later on that afternoon our agent contacted us and we vacated the premises and went into the Marriott. They didn't change their mind until the cop showed up and the fact of the matter is they just wanted us to leave. This is the 3rd report concerning a bed-bug problem in this hotel. Very unprofessional!!!!!

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June 10, 2012

On June 5th and 6th 2012 i was checked into room 306, on June 8th i notice small bumps in the skin of both hands and arms and left leg and my fore head. By June 10 the bumps had enlarged to the size of a large zit. I count 9 bumps like this on the back of my right hand currently some (6) are in rows near the knuckles at the base of my fingers. My left hand i count 2. About 9 on my left leg and several on my fore head. They itch, look like pretty ugly. I called the hotel the

y had maintainance check the bed but found nothing.

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