Days Inn
245 Easton Rd
Horsham, PA

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Hello everyone, my name is Timmy. My dad was bitten by some sort of species and he woke up the next morning feeling some type of way like rich homie quan. And like tupac, this nigga was dead as fuck. So all in all. I do not recommend this hotel. Hehehehehehehe


Sept. 2013: this is a dated hotel and could use better care in cleaning, but I saw no bed bugs and I do actually know what they look like. Also, waking up to find a bite does not mean you were bitten by a bedbug, mosquitoes and spiders do the same.

They are not beetles, are in fact wingless, and unlikely to be on a lampshade as they avoid light. It is silly to throw out clothing but sensible to pack it tightly in plastic until you are able to wash and thoroughly dry on as high heat as possibl

e. If you are skittish, you may also want to keep a large garbage bag in your car to bag your bag for the trip home.

These are just general tips, as I said, saw no activity at this hotel, and am booking another stay for next month.

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Checked in and did our customary check for bedbugs with no issues noted. Came back to the room [421] after dinner and found one crawling around on the bed. Killed that one and did a much more thorough inspection and found no more. Awoke in the morning and found 2 more; 1 on the pillow and 1 on the wall behind the bed. Bagged those and took them to the front desk. They moved us to a different room [444] at the other end of the hotel and our initial inspection went smoothly. After dinner the secon

d night, we came back to the room and found a large beetle of some type crawling on top of the lamp shade. Got rid of him and went thru ANOTHER room inspection. Needless to say, our days at this hotel are over!

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Stayed in 201 and woke up at 3 am with a bite on my arm. Went to front desk to switch rooms came back to grab my stuff and found a bed bug crawling on bed.

I stayed in this hotel of March of 2013. I woke up with a series of bites all over my neck and face Which grew inflamed and very irritating. Also I shared my room with a mouse. When I brought it to the attention of the hotel staff they were not shocked.

Stayed in room 230, January 11th and awoke with several inflamed and itchy bites. Noticed a bedbug mattress cover on my bed but none on my companions bed. I was the only one with visible bites, my companion had no complaints. We were moved to another room but I'm concerned that I might have brought them home.

Every hotel has had to face the challenge of bed bugs at one time or another, but it is how they handle the situation when it arises that sets them apart from the other hotels.

Of course, we at Days Inn Horsham Philadelphia strive for 0% bedbug activity. Unfortunatley,they do show up as people come and go. Please be assured that if there is a case that involves one of our valued guests, we make every effort to take care of all of our guests' concerns so that they feel comfortable during the

remainder of their stay and when they go home.

We have recently upgraded all of our guestrooms with new Serta Pillow-Top Mattress Sets and new metal platform bed frames.

And, as a proactive measure and in addition to our professional pest control service, we have added regular certified canine inspections.

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Room 448 Woke up with bites all over and when we turned on the light we killed a dozen of them. They were crawling everywhere. Were moved to a room down the hall and when the desk clerk was informed he didn't seem surprised by our findings.


Jan. 8, 2012: Although I stripped the bed completely, looked under the mattress, and found the sheets to be totally white and unblemished, I still woke up with three bedbug bites. Luckily I followed all the recommended procedures of putting my suitcase in the bathtub and dressing in the bathroom. Just to be extra safe I discarded everything I wore yesterday.

I was in this hotel at the end of Sept 2011 and got over 28 bites on my body. I was in so much pain i had to go to Doylestown Hospital. I was had to be put on steroids because the swelling was so bad. I hope and pray others do not stay at this hotel, i'm telling you it was a living nightmare. DO NOT STAY IN THIS HOTEL OR YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!

Flithy hotel. Stained carpets, with traces of food. Cleaning staff will make the bed, period. First, I shared a room with a rodent. When I asked for a different room. It seemed to be rodent free, but I noticed blood stain on the sheets. Woke up with a bedbug on my back. TripAdvisor actually recommended this hotel!!! Avoid at all cost. Will never trust TripAdvisor again. Should have checked the Bedbug registry first!

Flithy hotel. Stained carpets, with traces of food. Cleaning staff will make the bed, period. First, I shared a room with a rodent. When I asked for a different room. It seemed to be rodent free, but I noticed blood stain on the sheets. Woke up with a bedbug on my back. TripAdvisor actually recommended this hotel!!! Avoid at all cost. Will never trust TripAdvisor again. Should have checked the Bedbug registry first!

I was in room 303 on October 20th and 21st. I didn't see any bed bugs but I definitely have a rash from their bites, all over my torso, arms, and neck.

I think it's funny that you people come on here, complain about bugs, and then just move to another room. Make up your mind!!!! Either your upset about bugs, or you're not. If you're upset, leave the hotel. Don't just switch rooms. If you're not, then don't waste people times by writing it on here!!!! Also, this is a bed bug registry, if it's not BED BUGS, don't write it here... nobody cares about a stupid stink bug, they're harmless.

There are bed bugs at this hotel. If you stay you will be sorry! I repeat don't check in! This was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. You will get more than a good night sleep for sure.

I was put up in the third floor of Days inn horsham on 07th of Aug 2011. Found a bed bug on the sofa and many more crawling on the walls. Plan to let the staff know about it in the morning and move to another room or check out.

June 15 2011.
I woke up with bed bug bites on my face and neck and shoulders. This was the classic three bite pattern. I think they were in the wood of the headboard. The mattress and box spring were sealed in zip cases (indicating the bed bug problem had been brought to their attention previously and remediation attempted). I only stayed one night. I was on the third floor

My brother brothers wife and I stayed here at Days Inn Horsham Pennsylvania Saturday March 16 and was suppose to stay Sunday March 17 2011. early saturday morning I awoke to let the dogs out to bathroom after coming back to the bed I was sleeping in I seen what I thought was blue bluejean or my sweater lent and I looked closer it was a cluster of black bugs under the side of the pillow I slept on. we went to the desk they acted like it was not a big deal they said they have exterminators come in

middle of each month they acted like we were lieing to them. we packed up and left Pennsylvania.
Heather Myers, John Myers Teresa Myers

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I checked in on 4/9 to rm # 109, the smell of cilantro was very strong, meaning stink bugs! I changed room but doubt I will be able to sleep at the thought of possible bed bugs this evening...ugh.

I stayed there on Jan 27, 2011 and got several bites on my face, arms and legs. My associate also stayed there but had no problem.

Was awoken by a prank phone call. Turned on the light to find bugs in the bed. Called the front desk and they did not seem to b surprised. Checked out. Shook out clothing and put everything in the dryers at the nest hotel. Tried to contact district manager and never got a response.

Woke up early in the morning to go to the bathroom. Felt something on my arm and found bed bug crawling up my arm. It was a bedbug. I checked out and left the hotel!

8-22-10 Woke up, thought I heard a noise, turned on light and discovered LOTS of bugs roaming the pillows and top edge of blanket and sheets. Shook out clothing and sealed them in ziplock bags, packed, got moved to another room. Second room had no problems.

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