Holiday Inn Columbus Worthington
7007 N High St
Worthington, OH 43085-2329

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Bed bugs thick. I am not a hotel snob but please know my room was thick with them. Droppings all over box springs corners.

4/17/2015- Stayed in room 180 and we checked the room before bringing our belongings in. No signs. woke up the next morning and my daughter noticed a bed bug crawling across her bed! I immediately killed it and took it to the front desk. They comped our room and apologized.

6/1/12 checked into room 386, pulled back the sheets to inspect the bed for possible bed bug residue and did not visually see any. However during the night my right forearm and outter wrist had that itching and burning sensation equated with bed bug biting. The next morning upon awaking, the burning and itching had ceased and there were no visible markings, yet I could feel a slight bumpiness in that area. Therefore I discounted the idea that it was bed bugs until the next morning!


...second night staying in same room, same bed ...... I awoke with several allergic bumps from the bed bug bites. I have apprx 25-30 bites along my upper body area....mostly concentrated along the upper, inner arms, some of the back and chest and several along the forearm and outter wrist; a slight few in the neck area and behind my ears.

I alerted the hotel that this had happened and they asked if I ever had an allergic reaction to laundry detergent. I've had this experience before in a different place and know the absolute difference.

I also took pictures of the areas to show what bed bug bites look like.

I guess checking the bed does not always insure they are still not present. :(

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I found a bed bug crawling across the bed in room 306. Hotel staff was accommodating and moved me to another room. I was there for work and couldn't leave the hotel until the next day.

Found one bed bug crawling across my bed. I caught the bug, killed it and brought it to the front desk and then left the hotel. 10-2-10

I was not bitten.

Front desk was accommodating and helpful.