Cincinnati Marriott North Union Center
6189 Mulhauser Rd
West Chester, OH 45069-4842

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Stayed here the evening of 10/10. Room was on the first floor. Around 10:30 pm I noticed a bed bug near the pillows of my bed. I quickly grabbed a kleenex and flushed the critter down the toilet.

I did not alert hotel that evening as I had no desire to move to another room here and had no time for a new hotel. There was no further sign of any bug activity that evening.

Upon returning home, I quarantined all clothing and supplies. Clothes were immediately washed/dryed and/or bagged for dry

cleaning. All other supplies were hand-reviewed, blow-dryed, and kept in front of a heat lamp for several hours.

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Stayed at this hotel on 10/13/12. While turning down bed for the evening, we found a single bed bug on a pillow. Placed it in a plastic bag and contacted the Manager. Manager agreed it was a bed bug. Moved us to another room and quarantined room. Needless to say, didn't get much sleep the rest of the night. But it was too late to go to another hotel. Marriott did refund the points I used for the reservation to compensate for all the preventive measures we had to take with our belongings.

The registry pulled up the wrong Marriott, the bad one is the Courtyard across the street.

I stayed at this hotel on October 10, only to find a bed bug crawling across the nighstand towards me at 3:34am. I killed the bug and called the front desk. They moved me to another room, I asked if they could confirm that it was a bed bug, so I could take precautions when I got home. I have done my research prior to traveling and this was definetly a bed bug, no mistake about it. When I checked out the maintance guy said that there was no reason to quarrentine the room and that there was al

ready someone staying in the room. He said he sees them all the time outside. I asked if anyone there has ever been trained on how to handle this and did they not know to contact a pest control company to correclty identify the bug. He said he has sprayed for ants so he is qualified. I could not believe thier lack of knowledge or the lack of process by such a large chain. I did write to the Marriott in hopes that they are more proactive to correcting and preventing the spread of bed bugs. I do have the 101 instruction and followed everything to the T when I got home.

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