Hotel Breakers
1 Cedar Point Dr
Sandusky, OH 44870-5259

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Went to Hotel Breakers for Halloweekend. We went straight to the park after checking in. We had several rooms booked. We did not unload our luggage until we got back from the park at midnight. Needless to say we went straight to bed. My cousin woke up to something biting her legs. She pulled back the hotel blankets and found a bedbug. It had bitten her 3 times. They reported it and at that time , which was one in the morning, they move her to another room 2 rooms down and told her she would rec

eive a 10% discount. After complaining again in the morning they offered to dry their clothes. Management was not very sympathetic. I feel 10% discount was not enough.

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I stayed at Hotel Breakers in Main Section which is extremely outdated. I had room #3327. I awoke to bed bugs biting my back. I could not pack up quick enough. I informed the front desk. They sent up a disgruntled night manager, who tried to claim there was no bed bugs. I was told in a condescending manner to pack up and leave within an hour and they would refund me my purchase. Extremely rude manager she did not apologize nor did she attempt to at least offer better accommodations. I had to ret

urn tickets to the park the were for my two children. They could at least offer those for the inconvenience to my family. We had traveled all the way from upstate New York. I lost three hours looking for another hotel and had to pay for tickets at a grocery chain to avoid my children crying. That's how Cedar Point Park treats families I guess. Its too bad, really upsetting that management flagrantly disregarded the customer.

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We stayed in the main part of Hotel Breakers on the second floor. Room was very old and dark and kind of smelly, felt very itchy at night while sleeping! 10 days later my husband was covered in bites and found bed bugs in our home!!! NOT HAPPY, WILL NEVER STAY THERE AGAIN!

Found bedbugs in Hotel Breakers in a suite on the 5th floor of the towers. Caught it as proof and got refunded the price of the room.

Mass infestation at Cedar Point Employee Housing (Commons 1300, 1400, 1500) during the 2011 season. They repeatedly treated for bugs all summer long, the infestation would just recover or move to a different room. They frequently blamed the employees for the infestations, despite it being impossible to tell who brought it in.

Heat treatments are temporarily effective, if you find a bedbug, catch it and bring the evidence to the Housing office and demand to be moved.

Stayed in the old part of HB in October 2011. Had a 2 BR suite with queen bed and sofa bed (third floor, end of hallway). NO BUGS found in bed or sofa. Mattresses looked new. Mattress covers did not encase mattresses. Pillows did not have covers.

No bed bugs found. Stayed in a suite with two queen beds and a sofa bed on the 10th floor and we had no problems in any of the three beds while we were there and we have been back for two days without any signs:)

There was a mass infestation of bed bugs in the employee housing dorms this summer.


We stayed in the tower section of the resort in a two room suite. Four of us slept in the bedroom section and were fine but my youngest slept on the sofa bed in the living room and developed a weird rash/bites on the second day. When we got home the rash was still there, a couple of weeks later we found that his bed was infested with bedbugs. I've emailed management at the hotel and received no response.

There was a mass infestation of bed bugs within the employee housing at Cedar Point all summer.

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