Comfort Inn Cedar Point Maingate
1711 Cleveland Rd
Sandusky, OH 44870-4305

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05/25/2013 Checked in Friday night and checked both beds. Everything seemed fine until my daughter saw a bug on her pillow. After looking up online, matched it to a bedbug. Found one more small one crawling towards her pillow. we were with another couple, so could not leave and they had no problems in their room. Switched rooms and no problems there. Management seemed unconcerned. Offered no refund or apology whatsoever.

When me and my family got to our rooms we felt that it seemed clean until we got ready floor bed and saw that floors in the bathroom and by the sinks had not bee mopped, in a while. The bathroom wasn't as clean as it should have been. But disregarded it because we were ready for bed. We checked our sheets before we got in them and they seemed clean but my parents had to request a new comforter for their bed because it was stained and seemed dirty. So once we got settled and our rooms, me and my

brother fell asleep while my parents were still awake in there beds. About a half of an hour later, my brother woke up to what felt like something crawling on his leg and he got up and pulled the sheet back and saw a redish brown bug (bedbug) and pulled up his pillow ans saw at least four more. He then told my mom and she came in and woke me and my little brother up and saw that there were 5 under our pillows and on the sheets. We left immediately and got compensated every penny! Disgusting. And you can tell that they had these things for a long time for the bugs to be visible, usually you can't see them u can just feel them bite you.

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Checked into this hotel last night and walked out about 10 minutes later after finding a bed bug on one of the pillows. We didn't really look any further, but I'm sure we would have found many more. When we went to the lobby to get a refund, the employee didn't seem surprised at all. It seems like he's probably heard the same complaint before.

We stayed her on August 5-8th Came home within 10 days my daughter started getting bites we saw lots of what we thought were hives on her body went to three doctors, allergy testing no medicines worked all testing was negative then we discovered the bedbugs. The exterminator said the timeframe of hatching and her getting bit fits perfect Cost us over 2,200 for extermination and another $4000 in furniture losses. I am sure we got them here because noone in my family that lives in our house atay

ed in any other hotel This is the only hotel we had been to in over a year and a half.

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