Castaway Bay
2001 Cleveland Rd
Sandusky, OH

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Stayed in room #229 with my husband, two daughters and baby. Around 2 am I hadn't been able to fall asleep. My legs were itching. I just felt like something was on me or biting me. I grabbed my phone and turned on the flashlight. Looked under my covers and saw a big bed bug. Got out of bed to find both of my legs had been bit. I got a tissue and killed it. My husband called the front desk. They insisted they don't have bed bugs. Pretty much acted like it was no big deal. They ended up moving our

room. Which we had to do in the middle of the night with a baby also. They refunded our money. I could careless about the money though. I have huge bites on my legs that itch terribly. And now we have to play the waiting game to see if they came home with us!! =(

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February 14th 2015 woke up at 4 am to my child screaming and bites all over my body I took pictures of the bug and the bites and my son had a few as well. This is messed up this place had children mostly in there and it needs to be fixed ASAP. I got my money back but it still needs to be fixed!

The end of August, we stayed in room 210!! There were bed bugs in both beds! Needless to say, they refunded our money. Disgusting!

On 8/21/13 I stayed in room 210 and within 3 days I had over 37 bed bug bites all over me from head to toe. I have pictures and will be contacting better business bureau. I am now in the process of washing everything from that trip. Have thrown out my suitcase and scrubbed my room. I have not found a bug on our belongings yet, eggs could still hatch. I will cover my bed with a plastic cover before I put my sheets on. May have to call in an exterminator. DON'T STAY AT THIS HOTEL. VERY DIR


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Update on our previous report. This has been a mess. I have already paid an exterminator around 350.00 and I am still fighting them. The exterminator confirmed form the infest-ion we had and the time we had been back form The Castaway Bay that we defiantly had to get them there.
I cannot sleep I have had to pay hundreds of dollars to go to the laundry mat still have bags of clothes that need washed. I have spent over a hundred on mattress covers, steamers, and other supplies still ne

ed two more bed covers.
So in all my 900.00 dollar for two night room at Castaway Bay has cost me more money and emotional disturbance than ever imagined.
Please if you see any or bring any bed bugs home from the Castaway Bay please call the State Fire Marshall in Columbus Ohio( Yes it is weird they handle these calls) But report it please so others do not have the time,money or aggravation that we have had. This hotel needs to pay DO NOT STAY THERE>!!!!!! You may get lucky once but You may bring them home unknowable like we did.

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August 7 - Room 340. Bit in back middle of the night. Found live probable bed bug. Killed it. Called management. They said they would "put a machine in the room to detect" Ten days later I finally got a hold of them. They said they found nothing. What a pain is has been washing everything in hot and tossing luggage. Not even an apology from the hotel. DO NOT STAY THERE!!!

We visited Castaway Bay on July 6-8 2012 we stayed in room #270 Starfish. My daughter and her friend was ate up with bug bites while there. I looked everywhere but was not really sure what I was looking for we came home laid our luggage on our couch and 6 weeks later our couch is infested. We have an exterminator coming tom, and then we are planning on contacting an attorney. Do not go there

I stayed here on 6/14/2012 and my son actually found and squished a bed bug! I wish I would have taken a picture but had no idea what it was at that time. It was in room 328. I had taken a flashlight down the seams of the bed before we even stayed and everything looked perfectly clean.....grrr

February 20th 2011. We stayed in rooom 341 and 343 with family and friends. I saw a bed bug and caught it. The hotel put our clothes thru the dryer for 20 min. But I am very worried about what to do with my luggage. Not to mention that the high heat shrunk some of our clothes. Also, my husband found bites on his neck as we travelled home.

October 28-30, 2011. We stayed two nights with friends in Starfish Room 220. When we got home on Monday my wife found multiple bite reactions on her feet and continued to have them on arms and hands throughout the week. No one else in our group appeared to have a reaction to any bites. A dermatologist appointment confirmed they were bed bug bites. We had to buy mattress covers to seal our bed and washed all our clothes in hot water, vacuumed and cleaned every inch of bedroom and luggage, and tr

eated for bedbugs. Have not seen any in our home so far, but we won't know for sure for at least a month!

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Stayed there middle of June 2011 for one night.
Husband found one crawling across my pillow just before we were going to lay down.
Caught and took to front desk - they claimed they had no idea what it was - husband confirmed it doing a google search in minutes.
Didn't leave/change rooms as baby was already sleep (in our crib/playpen thank goodness)
Found no others.
Haven't seen any since coming home.
No bites.

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