Microtel Inn Canton Oh
7046 Sunset Strip Ave Nw
North Canton, OH 44720-7077

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On May 5, 2010 I stayed in room 212. The bedspread was stained, wall was poorly patched etc. When I woke up in the morning there were blood spots on the sheet. I examined my body completely and found nowhere that I was bleeding. When I looked closely there were several small bugs on the sheets. I was horrified! I told hotel management who told me not to worry about taking them home- completely incorrect.

I stayed there in January, 2010. I should have walked out as soon as I saw the lobby. The carpet and furniture was all stained. Some of the carpeting in the room was sticky.

When I checked out, by body was covered with sores. Given the sanitary conditions at the place, it would not surprise me if it was bedbugs. Whatever it was, it took a trip to the dermatologist and the use of insecticides to get rid of.

I can't say DEFINITELY that I picked it up at the Microtel, but the evidence is pre

tty strong. I would never stay there again anyway, because the place was so poorly maintained. There are plenty of other places to stay for the same price.

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