Camp Kern
2650 S State Route 123
Morrow, OH 45152

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My fifteen year old daughter and two sons were at camp for the weekend with a school group. First night there my daughter was attacked by bed bugs, woke up with intense itching on wrists and ankles in the middle of the night. Counselors inspected and found bed bugs in cabin. Girls belongings were bagged up and run through dryer. The girls were moved to another cabin for the next night. Was told that the bed bugs were not found in any of the other cabins, but did not trust that finding. My

boys were in another cabin. Met kids at school parking lot upon return with trash bags for all of their belongings. Had to take daughter to urgent care as she had 53 bites and a swollen, hot,red arm. Watching for possible cellulitis. Disgarded all of the kids pillows and my daughter's sleeping bag even though my husband ran all through hot commercial dryer for 30 minutes. Found out that we knew of other kids who were at same camp three weeks ago and came home with bed bugs AND head lice from helmets used for activities. Website shows camp has bed bug policy in place, but someone is not following through! YUCK!! I am disgusted!!!

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