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Wow. I? Along with my family also had an incident with bed bugs while visiting the lodge! We also found hair words in the bathroom and by the sliding doors. My mother 2 as bitten by them before we knew what happened. When you pay 300+ dollars for a resort room, a bed bug should not exist

Yes - they STILL have bedbugs.

A year ago (2/2013), my family stayed at Great Wolf Lodge Mason OH and encountered bedbugs in our room. The management was mildly helpful (they had the room inspected and confirmed it was infected), and gave us a free nights stay that we could use sometime in the next year.

Fast forward a year later (3/2014) - we crazily decided to go back. I even asked when we checked in if they had any recent reports of bed bug activity (the front desk was NO help at all

and claimed there were NO managers to answer my questions). I inspected the room thoroughly, found a few small spots that seemed like it may be activity, but no bugs. We decided to risk it and stay the night and be very proactive when we got home about washing all our belongings.

6 weeks later, we found a bed bug at home. We haven't travelled anywhere except Great Wolf Lodge and I have to assume we brought it home from there.

DO NOT GO THERE UNTIL THIS PROBLEM IS RESOLVED COMPLETELY. Some rooms are fine, some rooms are infected - why take the chance?

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People, visitors are bringing bed bugs in from home so if people don't treat their home they wont go away at hotels. A friend moved in with me and gave my house bed bugs I couldn't get rid of till I used alcohol on all seams and boric acid around edges never seen them since ;-)

Stayed there 4/21/14. Was VERY nervous about the potential for bed bugs, but booked anyway. Management was wonderful upon arrival. Kept the kids & luggage out of the room & in the hall for nearly 20 minutes while I thoroughly checked every bed, bunk bed, sofa sleeper, pulled furniture out from the wall, behind picture frames, every single place I could think a bug would hide or leave a trace and I tell you there wasn't one thing that made me nervous. Some crumbs under the mattresses on the k

ids bunk beds made me think there should be bugs - kids are messy! - but not a single, tiny speck of anything suspicious. Mattress covers are nice and you can un-zip them to inspect the actual mattresses which had NOTHING on them at all. Room was clean, resort was clean. No one I spoke to our entire stay was nervous. There are just trolls on the internet who seem to want to damage a hotel's good reputation. I stayed on the 2nd floor in a kid cabin suite. Have stayed in nearly every type of room at this hotel and every stay has been magical for the kids and expensive for mom/dad. Would stay here again. Would recommend to my pickiest of friends. There's nothing wrong with this resort. Your family will love it!

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New mattresses and carpets on fourth floor loft suite. I talked to a vary nice manager Brian when my family first arrived. He provided valuable information as well as went over policies and procedures. Despite their being brand new mattresses with secure mattress protectant covers along with new carpet, my family inspected the room very throughly and did not find bed bugs.

I stayed here with three of my closest friends in January 2014. That was probably my 6th time staying there. Thank the Lord I have had any damaged furniture, bites, etc. But to clear things up -I AM NOT STAYING THERE AGAIN! Plus reading some of these reviews horrify me. I read someone had $4k worth of damage brought to their home when they arrived back from GWL. And multiple people said the staff will not take care of the issue. I'm pissed!

When we stayed bout a month ago we ALL gotten H1N1 there!!!!!!

To say spray doesn't take care of them is so far from the truth....most companies still use pesticides... However gwl uses the heat method...if you remember they had a fire a few years ago from a similar treatment and them went with a local company who I won't mention that I used to work for. People need to educate themselves and know that the company is still shelling out thousands to rid of the bedbugs but guests keep bringing them in. Maybe if your so worried about it let the hotel check your

luggage before you go in and if you have bedbugs turn around and leave.

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I find it hard to believe that 2 years worth of comments on this site are going to be justified by one days worth of comments from GWL. Everyone knows bedbugs are a problem and spray doesnt take care of them. And if there is one there are millions. Your post and your threats to get an attorney will not convince me to bring my kids there. People would not post this stuff if there wasnt a problem. Why dont you fix it and quit trying to save face with your meaningless posts!PEOPLE ARE NOT STUPID A

ND SOCIAL MEDIA HAS BROUGHT YOU TO LIGHT! This is rediduculous! Your post will not get my money!

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Me and my gf and 3 kids go quite regularly as recent as march Of 2014 then the end of dec. Of 2013 and maybe oct. Of 2013 never a single problem!!!! Ive went yrs prior, to these recent visit and again no issuse we all always have a great time we will be returning! Thanks for the heads up tho

This place is clean, we are guests in the lodge NOW , We are here , We spoke to the Manager , Director of Housekeeping at the desk , and felt so confident that he came to our room after we got the keys and checked on us , its CLEAN people , we have 2 rooms tonight and i'm very pleased by the answers i got when i asked them.

We just stayed there Fri and Sat night. We had 3 rooms. We inspected everything when we got there and then many times through out. No bed bugs on third floor. Obviously if Cincinnati is ranked one of the top bed bug cities there will be people who bring them in.. Just like they can bring them to school, work anywhere. I have been so careful and paranoid about getting them. So we check very good. Not one person we talked to there said anything about bed bugs. My cousin worked there and said they

do inspect and act quickly if someone brings them in. The GWL can't say oh u look like u may have bed bugs so we can't give u a room.. Thank God we didnt get them. People need to learn how to look for them of they are going to a hotel now a days.. Sad but true.. Other than Danielle on the kids water slide and her 16 year old manager were the only horrible part of our stay.. That's another story. Lol. They did move her to a ride where she was not responsible for watching kids
Then again 1 person for 4 slides on a child's slide.. Not smart. Our housekeeper Krystal couldn't of been any better. The lady however cleaning rooms i
on the morning shift had no personality and Was aggervated when I asked of she had something to spray because my one year old got sick and she held her nose as she sprayed.. But it was a great time and we will be back

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A friend and I were both there with our families last week (3/30-4/2) We both checked all beds and couches. There were NO signs of bed bugs in either room. It looks like pepper flakes in the seams. I have stayed in years past without looking but still never had a problem.

Bed bugs can sneak up on you,you can have them and not know it if they have
Them they should be shut down and made to get a health inspector come and verify.its too risky. .

This site is a fake site set up to scare you and also promote products that are being advertised in conjunction with bed bugs. I spoke with the General manager and was given absolute assurance that they are state certified and have no issues. Thier lawyers are in the process of trying to contact the source of this site but the ownere of this site will not respond. So it seems a court intervention may be in the near future. The general manager was very professional and explained it all to me to

where I am 100% satisfied and I will be taking my family to the lodge with no fear. I suggest anyone to contact the general manager at the Lodge for any questions as I did.

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I'm here right now and happy to report it's bug free! People can react to the chemicals in water and cause bumps. You can see bed bugs. They don't sneak up on you.

My husband, daughter and best friend stayed here on 4/3/14 and had no issue. Their room was clean and very comfortable.

We dealt with bedbugs after a trip across country last summer, so we know the results and signs and saw no indication of any issues.

I hope others read this and enjoy their time at Great Wolf.

Brought bed bugs home from GWL! Still battling the problem thousands of dollars letter:/!!

On behalf of the management at Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio, we are disappointed to read the recent posts on this page and felt we had to respond in kind.

Great Wolf Lodge has a rigorous and solid program with regard to the inspection, prevention and treatment of bed bugs. Our resort conducts daily inspections in our guest suites. We have a full time, state-certified pest control inspector on our staff who educates and trains our housekeeping team and conducts inspections.

Bed bugs are

introduced to a resort by guests. Our staff is trained to spot the signs of possible bed bug activity, and respond immediately and appropriately as part of their daily inspections.

Providing a safe and memorable experience is our number one priority. We take the issue of possible bed bug activity very seriously. If anyone has questions or concerns, we encourage them to contact us directly at

Thank you.
Great Wolf Lodge Mason

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after reading these post my reservations were just cancelled..... had over $900 already paid and will be getting a refund since Im cancelling within the time allowed.............. NO WAY am I taking my family of 5 to a bed bug infested place. my reservations were for mid June. NO WAY its happening now.

We spent labor day weekend there 9/2013 and woke up with red bumps on our legs and arms....but it wasn't until we got home that we realized we brought bed bugs home from Great Wolf Lodge. It is such a nice place for a family getaway but we will not be returning due to their bed bug infestation.

Family stayed at this location Feb 2013. Had a nice time at water park and I was ready to get some rest. An hour or so into my sleep, I woke up scratching. I was unable to go back to sleep and noticed bumps on my legs. Me and my husband searched the bed and found several bed bugs. We put them in a cup and notified the front desk. They told us they would have to test the room and let us know if it tested positive for bed bugs. We checked out and went home (stripping at the front door). We immedia

tely bagged up everything that had contact with that room and went to laundry mat to wash. The next day we got a call from GWL stating the room was positive for bed bugs and they wanted to give us a free stay. We declined the free stay and instead got refunded for the previous one. I would not risk my household to stay at this place ever again! They charge too much for me to have to worry about a bed bug issue.

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I checked in ti a room at this location on 4/1/13
As soon as I arrived before bringing baggage in I checked the room. I flipped the bed & seen a group of bed bugs!
I called the front desk they offered me a new room on the opposite side of the hotel I looked & found nothing. When I started unpacking I seen one in the arm of the couch.
I left!
There is no way that hotel doesn't have one bed bug infested room.

I booked a trip here for the weekend and a friend alerted me to the bed bug issue. I began investigating and decided there weren't enough reports to scare me off. I read that a former housekeeper stated they had a problem there and didn't take it seriously. I figured she was just a disgruntled ex employee since I know a few people who have gone without problems.

My mother called a friends daughter who works in one of the shops within GWL and she said she would not stay there. She states

there is definitely a bed bug problem that the GWL refuses to deal with adequately. Instead they spray a few rooms here and there which does nothing and deny anything is wrong. Meanwhile they are breeding and spreading. I am glad my friends who've gone escaped without carrying bugs to their home but I will not be going here. It is a shame because its such a fun place.

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I worked in housekeeping here from 1/13-8/13. and let me tell you I would never pay to stay at this hotel they treat a few rooms a day for bed bugs, not to mention the managers don't care about customer service or their employees.

We stayed at GWL on March 31-April 1,2013. Didn't think to look for bed bugs. But a month later my husband was getting"chewed" on. We were trying to figure out what these "bites"/"allergic" reaction could be.I happened to be sitting on the couch in the afternoon& saw this BUG come out of my couch. I freaked..looked on line and saw it was a bed bug.We called to let them know and they were APPRECIATIVE" of us letting them know. Realizing we brought these back from GWL!!!!!!! We have lost over 4,oo

o dollars of furniture,laundering costs and spending 520.00 for spraying our house!!!!Now being the beginning of Dec/ daughter was complaining of mosquito bites. Investigation lead to my son's room being infested from head to toe on his bed frame. We now just lost a bed and dresser. On top of my youngest daughter getting eatin' alive. We are going to have to spend 2,000&turn our house upside down in order to be guarantedd to get rid of these things!!! I WILL NEVER RETURN TO GREAT WOLF LODGE!!!!! OUR FRIENDS&FAMILY WILL KNOW!!!

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My family stayed here in August of 2013 we had a great time and did not have a problem until about one month later when we realized we brought bed bugs back to our home!!! This is the absolute worst! I am laying here on an air mattress as i type this. We are one week free of bed bugs. We thru away everything! Including our head board and the baby's crib. (I hear they hide in wood). I pray they are gone!

On september 2012 our family stayed at greatwolf lodge for my daughters birthday we were planning to stay Friday night and Saturday night but we only stayed for one night. we have stayed at great wolf plenty of times my son was sleeping on the pull out couch and when he woke up in the morning he had bits all over him I did not know what they were. so my friend was sitting on the pullout looking at his bits and one of the bugs was crawling on him. we were not for sure what it was so we took it t

o the front desk and showed them and they tried telling us it was a lady bug. There was a lady in line she laughed and said that is a bed bug.She turned around and looked at her husband and said we are not staying here. I went back to our room and told my friends and kids lets go this place has bed bugs I have heard they live in mattress so I went and looked at the cress of thee mattress in both rooms and pull out and it looked like black mits it was so gross. I called down to the front desk and told them we will not be staying another night and the front desk lady told me she could put us in another room I laughed. So as we were packing up we get a call in the room stating we were going to be charged for the night because we had a free night on Friday that was given to us by great wolf because of our last stay cause they put 30 kids right above us and we got no sleep because kids were jumping up and down all night and we called during the night and they said they would take care of it never did cause it went on all night. so lets just say we will never be staying at greatwolf again.

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Pretty sure my husband was bitten by bed bugs at this location, sleeping on the pullout couch. We cannot figure out anything else it could be. Now I am freaking out.

My family visited gel in nov of 2012. We had a confirmed bed bug probl at our home shortly after. Will never stay there again. Filthy and yes u can bring them home.

My Mother and my 3 daughters checked in on 4/12/13 and checked out on 4/14/13. Upon arrival I inspected the mattress and the sofa as I always do when checking into a hotel. I did not see any obvious bedbugs, but all the mattresses have a zipped cover making it difficult to inspected. We had a great stay until the morning of 4/14/13 my mother woke up asking me what kind of bug is this. I quickly went over to her bed and identified a bed bug. I am a Nurse Practitioner and have encountered a bed bu

t at work before. I called the front desk and they send a manager with a row of quarters (to launder our belongings)and garbage bags. I asked if we would be reimbursed for our stay considering we paid $600 for 2 nights and we had been planning on enjoying the waterpark for the day after checkout, not spending the day doing laundry and stressing out over bedbugs. They said they had to "confirm the room had more than one bedbug because bed bugs travel on people". I felt like they were saying we may have brought it in which was not possible. On 4/17/13- the manager called and offered me a free stay or a one night refund. I accepted the night refund because we will NEVER go back there and strongly encourage our friends and family to avoid the facility. I wish I would have checked the Bedbug registry prior to traveling.

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Checked in on Friday, March 1st. My daughter slept on the pull out sofa. On saturday we noticed what appeared to be red bug bites on her leg. She has very sensitive skin so I thought maybe she was having a reaction. By the time we got home she had them all over her body so I got some cortizone cream. They appeared to be getting better until about 2 weeks later they started appearing again- yep they followed us home. When I called to tell them, the superivisor didn't seem to care much and said th

ey would check it out. Called me back a few days later to say the room came back negative. That was the only place we had traveled too so I have NO doubt that is where we got them. It is going to cost me close to $4000 dollars to get my house cleared of bed bugs so I will certainly NEVER go back to the Great Wolfe Lodge and have told everyone I know the same thing.

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Checked in on 1/17/2013 and enjoyed a day at the resorts pool. Did not think to check the beds because we had stayed there twice before with no problems. In the morning, found a small bug on our child's bed which was later confirmed to be a bedbug. Unfortunately, we had already 'checked out' and had put all our belongs in the car (without bagging them) when it was confirmed.

Our room was comp'd, and the manager apologized and said they would send us vouchers for another stay, but do we r

eally want to go back?!? No.

We took precautions before taking our belongings inside our house, and hopefully the car does not cause a problem.

Very disappointed to read that this is a common problem with this resort. I hope they get the problem under control. They need a better system in place to check rooms before they are occupied.

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We checked into room 3009 on 12/21/12. As it was late and the water park would be closing soon, we walked around the hotel and showed our kids all that we would be doing the next day. Afterwards we went back to our room to get relax and get ready for bed. After about 30 mins. of sitting in our bed, I broke out in what I thought were hives all over my feet and ankles. Since I had no idea what I could have been allergic to, my husband suggested I shower off to see if that would help. It didn't

and my "hives" became worse. He went out at 11:30 at night to buy Benedryl to help my itching to stop. The next morning as I was waking up, I saw a bug climb up the sheets toward me. I grabbed a plastic cup and placed the bug in it. It was a bed bug. Although we had checked the bed when we initially checked in, we didn't check it as thoroughly as we should have since there was a zippered mattress cover on it. After find the bed bug and calling for management, we took the sheet and mattress protector off and found tears in the mattress caused by the bed bugs. Management and a pest control company confirmed that the room was infested. Management was very courteous, offered us quarters to launder our items and a different room, however, we did not accept as we imagine how the rest of the lodge is just as infested. We bagged all our items, took them to be laundered and had to throw out several things (including luggage) for fear of bringing bed bugs home. I ended up with over 300 bed bug bites all over my body (including face). Our daughters have had nightmares and refused to sleep under covers (even at home) until recently. Whether we ever stay in a hotel again is questionable after this experience.

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11/03/12: We checked in for the weekend as my husbands company was having a conference. We always check for bed bugs first thing and this place had them! Droppings were visible to the naked eye and covered the sides of the mattresses. They were also in the crevices of the wood of the bed frames. My husband is a doctor so he knows what he is looking for. We immediately called the front desk and it took them almost an hour to come down to our room. Once they came, they had to call the manager and

she came down but said she could not comment on what it was because they have to have it tested first. She offered to give us a room across the hall. We went in with her and found more evidence of bed bugs and droppings. We decided to not stay and they did refund our money. It was a huge hassle to bag all of our stuff and we had to drive back home that night. The staff was courteous but did not apologize much or seem like they cared about our business. I will never stay in one of these hotels, however, the water park was fun for the kids.

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We stayed at the GWL 11/30. I was concerned about bed bugs because of a friend who encountered them recently. I called the hotel before coming to let them know my concern and they were super helpful and provided me with tips on how to check my room. I checked the room myself and had a staff member come and check also. They were very kind and polite and didn't seem to mind that I had called them away from their other duties. They offered to give me quarters for laundry- even though they did not f

ind anything suspicious. They also offered to have the Eco-Lab check our room and call us with their follow up report. They called our room the next morning to ask if everything was ok. By the time we got home the following evening, there was a message on the phone that said the report came back negative. I was impressed with how they handled the situation. This was the 6th year we have been to this lodge and we will go again next year. We had 12 other families stay this same visit without any problems. We loved this trip! Thank you to the staff of GWL for making our stay memorable.

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Nothing happened. I had an excellent stay at the gwl. Bed bugs are carried in from people and I'm 100% sure an establishment has policies set for these "uninvited guests". Suck it up people it's reality.

Sun. sept 16, 2012. I "checked in" on Facebook that we were staying there. As soon as I did, my "friends" all warned me that they knew of people that have been bitten by bedbugs while staying. I checked the place, and it seemed ok, I didn't see anything. I read someone else's report on this website that said they got bit and Great Wolf Lodge had a pest control company come in and confirm if there was indeed bed bugs in their room. So when we left, i asked if they would confirm if our room had b

edbugs. keep in mind... i didn't think ours had any, but I sure as hell wasn't going to bring any home. I kept our belongings in the garage until I knew for sure.. 48hrs later, the test came back that there WAS an active infestation in our room! GROSS!! i was glad I kept our stuff outside and was able to handle it correctly. I also have been checking our beds, linens, etc.. and I don't see any evidence. They refunded the money for our stay and were very professional and courteous. I hope I didn't bring any home, or was able to handle it correctly so our house didn't get infested!!

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I stayed at the Great Wolf lodge August 8 through the 10th 2012. Early morning (5 A.M.) on the 10th I was awakened by something crawling on my arm. I flipped on the lights and caught four of the insects, which were later verified as Bedbugs. They switched our room immediately and offered to let me use their laundry facility, as we were checking out in a few hours I requested large garbage bags to seal all of our belongings and luggage. Then spent the better part of the weekend in my driveway at

home vacuuming out and transporting clothing in plastic bags to an awaiting hot washer. I also had to wash my daughters hair with Rid just as a precaution. Management promised to "Comp" our stay and send out a gift certificate for another. We had two rooms for two nights. They refunded one nights stay for a total of $274 and sent out a certificate for one nights stay. Needless to say the incident ruined our vacation. Not to mention my ability to sleep peacefully in my own home! Now everytime I feel an itch I jump up, flip on the lights and check my bed or my couch depending where I am. Fortunately, I have not seen any signs of infestation at my home as of yet.

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Our daughter went on a girl scout trip to Great Wolf. Previously we had no bed bug issues but 14 days later, after she returned, we found them in her room. She had not stayed anywhere else or with anyone else nor had had anyone else over in the time between staying at GWL and us finding them. So, in this case we are assuming they came from GWL. We have gone over and over again where she had been or who had been over. This is the only outside source in the time prior to their emerg

ence. We had an exterminator confirm what they are and now look at a lot of work and expense to try and eradicate them.

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4/11/2012-4/12/2012 Checked in to room and thoroughly checked the beds and picture frames. didn't see anything thought we were safe. The next morning we woke and my boyfriend was complaining of "mosquito bites" he received during the night when he went out to smoke. He had slept in the couch. The people that slept in the beds were not complaining of itching and nothing else was thought about it. My boyfriend was itching so bad that he commented to the 3 other family that we were vacationing with

. We went home and got him some benadryl and he fell asleep on the couch. I woke him and made him get in the bed, I began watching TV on the couch he had fallen asleep on at home and fell asleep myself. I woke up with itching and bumps. I went and looked in the mirror and they were bed bug bites on my arms. I woke my boyfriend and examined his "mosquito bites" and they were obviously bed bug bites. I immediately wrapped all of my furniture in plastic. I went to our luggage and as I was taking items out to put in the dryer, I saw a bug. I threw ALL of our luggage away. I called the Great Wolf Lodge and informed them and they called me back to confirm bed bugs were found in the room. I called an extermination company to examine my home and they found bugs under the plastic wrap on my bed. I have thrown away my beds and furniture. As well as approximately 50% on the clothing in my house. I had the house heat treated at a cost of 1480.00 and we are using camping furniture.

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4/19/2012 - single night stay. Thoroughly checked the room and all 4 corners of each bed when we arrived and found no signs. Removed outer bedding and my husband, myself and my 2 preschoolers slept only top of the sheets. At 2am we spotted a single bedbug on the corner of the mattress by the headboard coming towards my husband. When we attempted to catch it, it fell back between the box spring and wall, where we couldn't reach it. Couldn't sleep the rest of the night as we kept watching ove

r the children for more bed bugs. Kept the lights on the rest of the night and did not use any bed covers, but never found any more bed bugs. Unfortunately, the hotel's 3rd party inspection unit found no bed bug activity in the room and did not offer to comp the room. I thoroughly dread any necessary future hotel stays because of this. This proves that just because you check the room, doesn't mean there won't be a problem.

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3/13/12 Woke up to a sensation on my back, reached behind and found a bedbug. I took it to the front desk. They offered a new room, but I didn't see any point in changing, we were already exposed. Moving would just spread them further. They gave us a roll of quarters so that we could run our belongings through the drier before we left. They called in pest control and certified that the room had a bedbug problem. They said that their procedure is to heat treat the room. Comped us the cost o

f the room, gave us a certificate for lunch and said that they would send us a certificate for a free night. I don't know if I can go back or ever go to a hotel again.

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One night stay on February 12, 2012. Failed to check when we arrived. Next morning on pull out sofa found a bug crawling across the sheet! Call staff and they believed that this was a bed bug. They stated that they would call in professionals and call us later. Compt room of course. We kept the bug in plastic bag and showed to pest control and indeed it was bed bug. Luckily we saw it so that we could take procautions before taking our items inside the house! Read couple of same reviews on "t" regarding this resort's bed bug problems.

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