Red Roof Inn Columbus - Hebron
10668 Lancaster Rd, Hebron, Oh 43025
Hebron, OH

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I ve stayed at the Red Roof in room 119/121/123 over a period of 3 months, I'm a Truckdriver on a dedicated route.
Didn't realize the bites I received were Bedbugs because I never came across these insects before.
It finally came out as a guest was leaving and very upset,
That his whole family was bitten up, and had the bugs in a cup to show the desk.
They denied everything, and he said passing me outside in the parking lot that he was notifying the Health Dept. To come down and quarantine t

he Hotel.
I called Company and asked to be removed from there immediately, no questions asked.

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Stayed there 3-13-14 to 3-14-14. Got bit up pretty bad in 1 night on the second floor. Threw all my clothes I had in there with me away and bought some new ones at the truck stop across the street. The TA truck stop had 10 times better showers too. Hotel stinks of smoke even in non smoking rooms and water was nasty and rooms unclean. Had to stay there cause my truck was in the shop next door and had no ride. I'll buy a cab if it happens again before I stay there again. The bed bugs were just the

top of crap for that hotel.

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November 5 2013. Bedbugs!

Woke up at 1230 with insane itching. I have experienced bedbug bites in the past, so I knew exactly what it was. Turned on the lights, threw back the covers and found at least 6 bugs crawling around. ROOM 221

Late July 2012, 4 people stayed in 2 rooms at this location, 114 and 214 for 4 days while attending a music festival nearby.

After 2 days the couple in 214 started seeing small bites on their bodies which developed into welts over the next 2-3 days. It was initially thought to be from insects at the outdoor festival but all 4 were everywhere together except at the hotel.

All 4 people went their separate ways after that and the two who were in 214 got a full-blown case of bed bug welts over

their bodies. Those on 114 were fine/clean.

After seeing a medical physician and confirming they had bed bugs we contacted the hotel. The manager denied that there was a problem. Then we contacted red roof corporate and we spent the next 2 months saying the appropriate people were away or they would get back to us. Nothing has happened. We have given them all the opportunities to fix this but they simply ignore us.

All we wanted was the refund for the one room with the problem and replacement cost for 2 suitcases.

Our only option is to now try to warn people that room 214 at least has had bed bugs.

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