Sheraton Suites Columbus
201 Hutchinson Ave
Columbus, OH
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

Please remember this site does not check the veracity of any bedbug reports.

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I stayed at the Sheraton Suites Columbus from 9/15/15-9/17/15 in room 311 and came home with bedbug bites all over my face and arms.

Fourth morning found bed bug on bed. Carpet seemed dirty and stained throughout hotel. No fitted sheet on bed. Outside of hotel was very nice.

Dear Anonymous,
Since you wished to keep your name on this site we will honor that request. It was great speaking with you about your concern regarding the room you stayed in. As we discussed that room in question was inspected by our profession pest company Orkin and they came back certifying that room was clean "no pest or bedbugs of any kind". As promised we forwarded that report to you for your review.
If there is anything else we can do please feel free to let us know.

6/4/2014-6/7/2014 I completed a 3 night stay last week. My second day at the hotel I woke up and had about 5 insect bites starting at my elbow and moving up my arm. I thought they were misquote bites from my dinner in the open air restaurant that night. The next night I woke up with more bites on my arm and bites covering my chest and stomach.

I've never had bed-bug bites so didn't realize what they were until returned home from my business trip. It's been over a week and the bites are still

swollen, itchy and blistering.

I called the hotel to report the problem and they just passed me from person to person until I just got an answering machine. My call was never returned.

I recommend avoiding this hotel at all costs

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The hotel takes any alleged complaint regarding any pest in a guestroom very seriously.

As we discussed on the phone, the two rooms in question (which you stayed in) have been inspected by Orkin (a third party pest company). In Orkin's official report (which was emailed to you) they state both rooms were clean and clear of any pest (neither room had bed bugs).

Here at the Sheraton we are very proactive with this issue. This includes daily checks of the rooms by our housekeeping and main

tenance teams, monthly room inspections by Orkin our outside pest control vendor and quarterly inspections by specially trained dogs who can detect pest in a room. This vigilance is second to none in the hotel industry and is the main reason we do not have this issue at our hotel.

If there is anything else we can do pleases let us know.

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over the last 2 weeks, i've had blisters across my neckline. 5 spots total. Two in the most recent week i stayed at this hotel. I asked my Dr what it could be, shingles, etc. She suggested bed bugs. Please inspect floors 4 and 7.

my husband and I stayed at this hotel Oct. 9 & 10 2009, my husband got bites both nights, we didn't know anything about bed bugs at the time or that columbus had a problem with them, my husband went to doctors for hives, which we now know were bed bug bites, it took us awhile to identify that our problem was bed bugs,the extermination process has been a nightmare, having to treat our new home with chemicals is heart breaking, had we known about bed bugs we would have quickly fled this hotel and

run all our clothing to a hot dryer for at least 20 mins and knowing what I know now i would have pitched our suitcases and put our belongings in a plastic bag!

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