Motel 6
1289 E Dublin Granville Rd
Columbus, OH 43229

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Stayed here for two nights from 10/26-10/28 2012, fiancé said she found a cockroach. She took a picture and showed me. I didn't want to believe what it was, so I googled. Bedbug husks were found and mattresses were stained with their feces. We ended up capturing three of the little rascals, and showed management. On a positive note we were issued a refund and the staff was very polite. I didn't have a single negative experience with staff.

room 128, june 20, 2012 bitten by bed bugs at least 100 times. management did not even want to see the pictures I took of the bites. thankfully an off duty cop was there to see the bites when I lifted my shirt. they changed my room to 247 and I am still getting bit. Literally infested everywhere..And they claim they couldnt find any bugs yet, Im still getting bit. I emailed corporate. I wont rest until I have my clothes cleaned or replaced and my car cleaned! Oh yes they made it into my car! Im

so pissed. Bugs are everywhere its absurd.

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I stayed at this location on 8/29 in room 117 my husband and I woke up to two adult bed bugs crawling toward us. My husband caught the nasty little bugger and to it to the office where the manager said ahe would have to look into it???? As if id found a bed bug and placed it there at 9am! Confidently they had pest control out showing staff that morning how to spot them! After them throughly checkimg the room they found more bugs. They offered me a voucher to stay ar any location worldwide, I t

old them hell no I want my money back and they obliged! I guess you get what you pay for!

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