Knights Inn Columbus
4320 Groves Rd
Columbus, OH

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I have to stay here, because of a family emergency. We have been here a few nights and I awoke to see bedbugs crawling on my fiance and all over our bed. we squashed about 5 and had blood spots from them all over our sheets. We then called the front desk, they came and inspected the room & admitted they were bedbugs. They wouldnt give us a new room, saying we would spread them, and would not refund us. And, we had payed for a week with no money to get another room! They gave us one new sheet, sa

ying that's all they had, and 'bedlam' spray. We sprayed down the room ourselves & are forced to stay here. The managers were not surprised, and refused to help us. They acted as if we brought the bugs. WHICH WE DID NOT and have never had this problem before. My fiance does not realize how gross this is, and I wish we did not have to stay here. If you have a choice, DON'T!

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