Holiday Inn
4560 Hilton Corporate Dr
Columbus, OH 43232-4153

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Mattress cover with blood spots and black dot seen two dead ones and about 15 living

My daughter went to the water park-did not stay in hotel. Came home and as I was helping unpack her swimsuit/towel and as I hung up in the towel (bright white thankfully) a dead bedbug fell into the tub. Immediately threw everything into the hot laundry-towel, jacket, etc. YUCK YUCK YUCK

We left Maryland to attend a family reunion in Columbus. We checked into the Ft Rapids hotel on July 5th 2013, unpacked and headed to our planned events. I put the children to bed around 11pm. My daughter woke up around 1 pm to go to the bathroom. When she returned she told my husband that there was a bug on her pillow. I identified it as a bed bug. The hotel transfered us to another room for the night but we left the next day.

We've always gone to Fort Rapids for the waterpark, so when I got an email saying that if we bought 4 admissions to the waterpark we could get a room for $1 on Labor Day (9/2-9/3). Sweet, right! So we get the room. The next morning, we're sitting on the bed in Tower Room 928 and I see something moving so I take a picture. It was about 1/4 inches long and brown with a flat body that looked like a tick. I reported it to the front desk the next morning and haven't heard anything.

I woke up in the middle of the night to find bed bugs on the floor and in our bed. The room was also very dirty. The hotel reimbursed us but refused any further compensation for our frustration or for any of our infested items that we had to leave behind, such as our pack and play and luggage. We will never go back!

We stayed here for one night and noticed she we got in our room there were bed bugs!!! We called down and the changed us to an other room immediately, but I would never stay there again. The room was also just dirty.

Stayed here the last week of august 2011 never did I think to pull back the sheets to look at the mattress got home the next day and unpacked my suitcase and found 2 bedbugs on the suitcase now we have them in our home and have spent hundreds of dollars trying to get rid of them I warn you never stay at this hotel.

We would like to say that we take any claims of bed bugs very seriously. We would never knowingly put a guest in a room with bed bugs. Bed bugs are portable and brought in to the Hotel from the outside. We take a proactive approach in our treatment and we have trained our housekeeping staff to look for any signs of activity. If we find any signs or have any allegations we take the room out of our inventory and have it thoroughly treated. We have the utmost concern for our guests, and want t

hem to have a comfortable and pleasant experience.

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Stayed at Fort Rapids on 9-15-11. First thing I checked was the matress upon entering the room and it was clearly infested. Went to the front desk and informed them of the problem and was also told this was the first time anyone had ever complained about bed bugs, clearly not the case.

8/13/11- my husband woke up and a bed bug was on his arm! We didn't realize what it was until we talked about it later in the day and googled a picture of one. When we got home my husband took our suitcases to the car wash and vacuumed them. We put our clothes in plastic bags until we washed them in hot water.

Week of July 25, 2011. Bedbugs everywhere! Do not stay here!!

5/28/2011- We had reservations for 2 nt stay at fort rapids & waterpark. Sat. morning I woke up & seen a spot of blood on the bed my son was sleeping in. He said he killed a bug & it was on the floor, so I put it on a piece of paper & took it down to the manager. He gave us another room & we took our stuff up there & was watching tv & saw a bed bug crawling across the bed called the manager up to room. We said we are not staying here & we demanded our money back for 1 nt. Got the refund & went s

ome where else.

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4.16.11 Family staycation for an overnight. Just got the kids to sleep when we noticed one bug crawling across the bed. Pulles back covers and flipped over pillows to reveal nearly a dozen more. It is currently 11:14pm and we are speeding back home to shower and throw all of our belongings in the drier. Hotel ofered no refund but free water park passes. -no thank you.

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