Hawthorn Suites
6191 Zumstein Dr
Columbus, OH 43229-2505
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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Found 4 reports:

Two encounters with bed bugs at this hotel in the month of October. Stay away. They aren't as clean as they make you believe.

Stayed 3/23/11 and 3/24/11 and now have multiple bed bug bites up my right arm and the left side of my neck. STAY AWAY

Hotel was dirty and adult specimens were found on the headboard. Powder from treatment was found on the carpet in the room. 1/12/11.

Hotel room was very dirt and after pulling the mattress away from wall there were a few adult bedbugs located on the crease between carpet and wall. There was also a few other types of bugs taking up residence in the same area some alive and some dead which looked to have been there awhile. We reported the incident as well as bringing a bagged adult specime to the hotel desk and were refunded.