Hampton Inns & Suites Downton
501 N High St
Columbus, OH

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Stayed two nights, got bitten badly, on my arms, body and face. Caught one bug and brought it to the receptionist. They moved me to another room, and dried cleaned my cloths.
They offered me a voucher for one free night in any Hampton Inn in the USA, as if I will ever choose to stay with them again...

Stayed one night, 12/11/13 on the third floor and found a bedbug in the morning on the bathroom rug. I delivered it to the font desk in a cup and they offered to comp my room. I did a cursory check of the mattress and found no further evidence of infestation.

I have been staying in this hotel for over one year. About 6 months ago I got bitten all over but I did not have proof that was bedbug bites, therefore I did not want to report it. About a month ago, on 6/20/2012 I stayed for 2 nights in the 7th floor, The second night I woke up in the am and I saw something crawling in my bed. I called the hotel managers and later they said it was a spider NOT a bedbug. They also told me this hotel has a team that comes and check for bedbug infections on monthl

y basis. Anyhow, after reading of the last report, I am not sure If I will go back to this hotel, although they seems to take bedbug infections very seriously.

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After staying two nights - the night of the 2nd I noticed a bed bug on the pillow. The staff at the front desk took off the payment for both nights - I killed the bug and showed the front desk. They even had a code name for it - Code 68 or something. I am a Hilton Honors member and will never stay at this hotel again. 7th floor - The room next to the presidential suite.

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